Friday, February 7, 2014

Fingerprints on Our Littlest Warrior Baby

It's close to impossible to remember the day of Thomas Alexander's birth without recounting the events surrounding.  There's always certain things that happen in our lives that make them monumental to each of us ... and so it is with our grandson's birth.

I first backup to my post for an Easter prayer request from April 2011  
We had just found out that Lucy was going to be a big sister ... and then the miscarriage ... all within a week ... God gained His littlest angel from our family (absolutely no reason or confirmation, but we all believe our angel is Lucy's baby sister).  My husband & I tried to make Easter as "normal" for Lucy as we could -- while her Mommy was sick & later 'Joe took her to the ER as they confirmed the miscarriage process.  Here's some of our precious pictures from Easter 2011 CLICK HERE

And then ... another pregnancy came soon afterwards.  A little Valentine was expected to make an appearance -- approximate due date around Feb 20th or so (which just happens to be "Daddy's" birthday too).  

So during the pregnancy we needed to make sure Mrs. 'Joe stayed healthy and did not over-do herself ... 'Joe deployed to Afghanistan ... and then -- 
around 2am the morning of February 9th 
I got a text message from Mrs. 'Joe (who was just upstairs in our house 
in their bedroom with a sleeping 3 year old princess) ... 

By 3:30am she was settled in her hospital room with her Daddy ("Grandad") by her side ... so, I sent a text message to him around 6am since I had not heard any news ... and then I sent another text message 10 minutes later ... and then a phone call ...  

"I couldn't text you back since she has one hand and I'm holding Tag in my other hand."  ---- After 2 1/2 hours of hard natural labor ... Thomas Alexander made his appearance into our world!!!

I don't think Lucy was expecting to see a "real" baby!

Tag stole his Granny's heart ...

Lucy absolutely LOVES her baby brother --- and is sooooooo glad he finally made his appearance!

It seems only fair that my husband be present during the birth of our grandson ... because I was present at the birth of our granddaughter.  
'Joe missed Lucy's birth by about 30 minutes -- and Tag's from around the world.


After a lot of "red tape", 'Joe was able to call his family from Afghanistan -- they actually held up the phone call because Mrs. 'Joe did not know Tag's length -- all other information was given ... except for his length.  Oh well ... this phone call was worth it!

So then ... Grandad actually stopped by the "baby place" {across town} the following evening after work (his very busy time at work too) -- but he just couldn't stay away from his namesake ("Thomas" is my husband's middle name and it was his grandfather's name as well -- his dad's dad).

And then ... we adjust to life in our house with a newborn and a 3 1/2 year old for the next week.  


We celebrated Mrs. 'Joe's birthday on February 13th (in which she & Grandad took Tag for his first doctor's appointment) ... 

... and then on February 20th ('Joe's birthday) --- "the" phone call from Afghanistan ...

 'Joe's base had come under enemy attack and he had been wounded ... to the point that he would be flown to Germany then make his way back to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.  I wrote several posts during this time period for prayer requests & updates ... Mrs. 'Joe and Tag basically moved to the Fisher House with 'Joe and Lucy & I traveled back and forth almost weekly ... the "few weeks" rehabilitation period turned into a 5 month stay for them. 
 And then the long road of recovery from home.


He made hearts smile at Walter Reed ... and he always makes our hearts smile!

And so ... after much remembering and thankfulness ... and just completely standing in awe ... there has been One set of fingerprints on the whole surroundings of Thomas Alexander's existence and young life.  And his Granny and Grandad look forward to watching how God molds and shapes the life of this little boy -- as well as his big sister. 

Happy 2nd Birthday 
Thomas Alexander "Tag" 

We love you more than words can say and more than you will ever know

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