Monday, October 29, 2018

I Know a Guy ...

For the past year I've been researching a guy.
(Yes, I know that sounds stalky and creepy, but hang in here with me.)
The more I've researched ... the more I want to learn about him ---
he is made up of simplicity and complexity ... 
he studies every detail of even the most intricate mechanisms ...
he ponders how God moves clouds ...
he is compassionate and sensitive and reserved.
This guy is a body-slammer ... yet a touch-cringer.
He's in constant motion ... yet is motion sensitive.
He stumbles over words ... yet is articulate beyond his years.
He's sensitive to unexpected touches ... yet craves hugs from people he trusts.
He seems distant and inattentive ... yet recites past conversations.

This guy cringes at dirt & mess ... yet flourishes on outside time in nature.
He is challenged in learning new motor skills ... yet builds complex structures with no printed design.
He's cautious on risk-taking activities ... yet thrives on body-crashing into his pads.
He is startled by sudden motion behind him ... yet calculates his next mischievous sneak on others.
He's overwhelmed at lights and noise and crowds ... yet is a devoted Walt Disney World fan.
I admit that I was skeptical ... cynical ... and just plain ol' judgmental when I first heard
Sensory Processing Disorder
Some of the things that came out of my mouth ::::
"what in the world will people come up with next" ...
"he's a boy -- he'll grow out of it" ...
"he needs to toughen up" ...
But then ... the more I read, the more I understood what I didn't understand (crazy, huh?).  It was almost like "this stuff" actually contradicted itself and everything that I had
predetermined in my mind-set to be true and acceptable.
I still have so many questions about Sensory Processing Disorder. So there's more research, observing and learning in my future. But, one thing that has made a complete difference is my acceptance
This guy is my "who" and my "why" to continue studying SPD. 
And with such a handsome grandson ...
why wouldn't I want to know more on SPD so that I can know more of him?
I would love to hear if anyone else has experience with Sensory Processing Disorder. 
Please feel free to leave me a comment!
Have a blessed week, my friend!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Turning Distractions into Disciplines

Sometimes life just happens
and the words simply do not come...
Circumstances seem to dampen
and my keyboard appears to be done.
But in that instant when I hear His whisper
I'll give you My words just follow My lead
These words are not mine as He is the Gifter
Of all that I have and will ever need.
"Granny" @ Love Granny BlogSpot, January 18, 2018
Do you ever get in a slump like that? I confess that mine comes around more than I like.
I have always loved writing ... but the dishes in the sink need attention ---
I have always loved photography ... but the upstairs rooms need to be straightened up ---
I have always enjoyed reading my blogging-friends' posts ... but there's 15 other things to do first ---
(and now trying to write this post, I get several text messages from our insurance company reminding me that Dan's prescription needs refilled)
It really never ends, does it?
But I'm learning...
I re-training myself to not look at the "distractions"
but rather to see them more of "disciplines"
I hesitate to say this, but perhaps it's one of God's creative disciplines to help me take my next step...
I'm in the process of creating another blog site.  It's been on my heart for several months and I even have the site ... just no posts --- yet.  There's been several "distractions" of 2017 that I have just started looking at through God's vision of "disciplines".  He has carried my family through some deep valleys and also to the mountain tops in 2017 ...
and He is always faithful.

I pray that 2018 will be the year of discarding the "distractions"
and turning them into "disciplines" to help each of us move from our "point A"
and into "God's point" where He needs us to be.
I'll keep you updated on my new endeavor ...
please pray that I will follow God's direction & His words as I venture into a new blog-site for His glory.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Looking Back on Real Life Role Models

I cannot believe 2017 is half over already.  It's been a while since I've posted on my blog, so I revisited my
"mission statement" as well as my "six-word-memoir".
I began this blog when Lucy was a baby ... it was my intent to write her (and now including Tag along with future generations) some history & values from me.  I grew up in a rural community in West Virginia surrounded my family.  My Granny was the center of family life and I was blessed to have my aunts, uncles & cousins in our little corner of the world.
Several family not pictured at the time... and several are now Home in Heaven
My Granny was never a person who wanted or thrived for attention.  She went about her daily activities -- taking care of her family, gardening, housekeeping, caring for people in our community -- and never expected anything in return.
Granny was simply being where God needed her most.
My Granny ... love her always & miss her daily
Along with my Granny, my parents set the role model standard for hard work.  Before my sister came along (when I was almost 9 years old), my parents each worked 2 jobs in the nearest city (about 30 miles from home).  Nothing was taken for granted. And they never complained.
My Daddy taught me that when you make a commitment to something, you simply see it through... even when it was hard.  You never quit. And even when he was so tired from working so hard, he still found the energy to play with me & my cousins. Because kids grow up fast and only have one childhood.
My Mother taught me to that it is perfectly okay to stand up for what I believe in... not to be swayed by "the crowd".  You never make fun of anyone, but instead you stand up for the underdog... because you could possibly be the only voice they have.
My parents with granddaughters & greats
I will post later on what each of my aunts & uncles taught me just through them living their everyday lives.  Because that's how we learn, isn't it?  We can sit & listen to lecture after lecture of How to Live Life 101... but let's face it -- we live in real life. 
We observe real life.  We experience real life.  We model real life to our future generations.
So I'm asking myself this question ...
What will my future generations have to say about how I impacted their lives
 when they are my age?
Did I have a positive influence on them?
Did I show them through my actions how to love others & treat others as God has instructed?
Whether we admit it or not...
whether we like it or not...
whether we ever see it or not...
We are the role models for all the future generations coming after us.  We are either positive or negative role models -- but we are one or the other.
The choice is up to each of us.
My Granny never had to think about helping someone... whether family or friend or a stranger.  She simply did it.  My Granny never had to think about working in her garden or being there for a family member or friend who needed her.  She simply did it.  My Granny never held a grudge against anyone nor talked about anyone. And she was most likely the one who was such a positive role model to everyone who ever met her.
I have seen both my parents go out of their way to be positive role models to everyone around them.  They've put family needs before their own desires... they've worked hard to provide for their family... and they have shown unconditional love to all of us.
These 3 people in my life have been so much more than "blessings"...
they are the very foundation of who I am
and who I hope to be

How can we go about our daily lives knowing that we have a choice on what kind of role model we are to our future generations?

Monday, April 17, 2017

15 Seconds at Easter

Jacqueline & our grands came down on Saturday for Easter ... we did the Easter bunny pictures at Bass Pro Shop and then to our house for the Easter egg hunt.  And yes ... Lucy dove in to her Momma's hair for the "traditional" egg-in-the-hair-do (my Mother & aunts did the same thing when I was growing up and then with our daughter -- so the tradition continues!)

Then Sunday morning came ... Easter morning ... Resurrection Day was here! Jacqueline was fixing Lucy's hair upstairs for church while Dan & Tag worked on a Lego set at the kitchen counter.
And then... "Lucy breathe! Lucy breathe!!!"
All in a matter of 15 seconds, Lucy had passed out and stopped breathing. Dan ran upstairs while Tag wanted me to hold him. By the time Dan made it up to the girls, Lucy was sitting up. She had heard her Momma terrified & begging her to breathe. The on-call emergency doctor told Jacqueline that it sounded like Lucy had a spike in blood sugar earlier in the morning (afterall, we do have Easter candy & this has never happened before now)
and then a sudden plummet. So today will be calls her to regular pediatrician for more testing.

That 15 seconds (possibly even less than that) seemed like an eternity...
but God was already there -- in those moments.
He was Lucy's breath when she couldn't breathe
He was Jacqueline's strength when she had to act fast
He was our sustainer when we all felt helpless
Lucy was very sad that we did not get to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus ...
but I truly believe that we saw a miracle from God Almighty in those
15 seconds

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Journey to Sunday

I saw this on the Facebook page of Women Living Well this afternoon.  If you don't already subscribe to it, I highly recommend it.
Courtney captions this photo...
Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday, on Saturday - things looked hopeless. But Sunday morning he rose from the dead - just as He said.
Maybe there is something in your life that looks dead - give God time! There is always hope with Jesus <3 span=""> !

I've often thought about this over the years during "Easter weekend"...
sometimes we just want to skip Good Friday and skip Saturday to jump straight to
Resurrection Sunday.
And while we certainly do look forward to the resurrection of Jesus Christ,
we simply cannot overlook Friday...
the day He died a criminal's death on the cross
the day God Almighty turned His back on His one & only Son
the day Jesus cried out to His Father why have you forsaken me
We cannot overlook Mary & the followers of Jesus who must have cried out to God Almighty to save their loved one. We simply cannot overlook Saturday...
the day of hopelessness for Mary & the followers of Jesus
the day of crying & reliving seeing Him cry out on the cross
the day of mourning & weeping
 We have to go through Good Friday through His death on the cross
and we have to go through our own "Saturdays"...
in order to get to Sunday.
So many of us are experiencing our own "Saturday"...
we weep and we cry out to the God of mercy...
and then one day, our weeping will indeed turn into joy once again.
And our own "Sunday" will always come through our risen Savior.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Going "Back Home"

I've been away from my hometown for over 30 years.  After Dan & I got married in May 1984, our moving adventure began.  Our first "out-of-town" move was about a couple of hours away to another small town (albeit bigger than my hometown)... then our next move brought us to a much larger city out-of-state & about 7 hours away from my hometown.

It seems like it was easier to make the visits back home when our daughter was younger. We'd make a few visits yearly to continue cultivating our family relationships.  Our "home base" was with Dan's parents who lived about 45 minutes from my family (my parents had moved away as well, so "family" is aunts, uncles, cousins).

As time passed by, visits have become fewer. We normally stay at a local hotel when we go "back home" mainly for funerals. It hasn't been intentional, but sometimes life just happens that way.  Our daughter & her family are about 2 hours north of us... my parents are less than 2 hours west of us as well as my sister & her family.

And yet, 
"back home" will always be "back home"

Dan & I met up with my parents "back home" last week for my Aunt Karen's funeral. My sister & her family came in as well.  Most of our family were there to remember & to lean on each other.  Aunt Karen was the youngest of Granny's kids and her "kids" were her nieces & nephews... her greats... and her great-greats... as well as every student she ever taught in school -- young people in her ministries -- family members of her friends -- and the list could go on.  Last week Aunt Karen brought some long-time friends who I haven't seen in over 30 years... neighbors, school & church friends, former teachers...

Aunt Karen's ministry was simply people.
If she knew of someone's need, she would either try to meet it herself... or she would rally her troops to meet the need together.  No matter if it was a food, shelter or clothing need... or an encouraging phone call, note, card, etc... or if she had an inkling that utilities needed to be paid, back-up provisions, etc...
or if she knew someone just simply needed a hug or a smile or a kind word.

Aunt Karen continued her ministry even after her strokes of 10 months ago.  At first it was through limited communication... and then no communication at all. But, I believe even at that point, she knew that God still needed her to continue her ministry to those around her.
Oh that I may be like Aunt Karen to minister to others around me.

Going "back home" these days for me may simply be logging on to Facebook to see what my hometown family & friends are up to...
it may be through private messages, texts, emails or phone calls...
however it may be... it reminds me that
"back home" will always be "back home"


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

on being the Parent

Most men will proclaim his own goodness, But who can find a faithful man?
The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him.
Proverbs 20:6-7

Last week we celebrated this man's birthday. Jacqueline & our grands had come down to our house for the kids' weekend activities.  Lucy had finished her evening dance classes and we were settling in for the celebration --
with a box full of donuts & their presents to "Daddy" & "Grandad".
Dan is parent ... and grandparent to these three kids.

Isn't it so mind-boggling how God can weave our own real-life situations to teach us something that perhaps we've overlooked... until now?

How do I begin my prayers?     Dear Heavenly Father...
If God is my Father, that makes me...?     A child of God
So, if God is the Father & I am His child...    God is my Parent

I know this is a basic principal... but I just "got it"

the thought of God as my PARENT

And God as parent is (should be... supposed to be) MY standard -- MY role model

afterall... we were made by Him & in His image

By no means do I measure up or compare myself to God Almighty. I am just a speck of dust...
but He is I AM

Here's a very short list of the characteristics I've focused on this week as God as my Parent...
He loves unconditionally... He is just...
He comforts... He listens... He is always with me

Did I mention that
He loves me (and you) unconditionally

God as Parent has never given up on His children
God as Parent always desires a relationship with His children
God as Parent shows His love for His children

I John 3:1
Behold what manner of love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God!

I can never imagine God as my Parent turning His back on me.  There is nothing that I can do that would cause God to love me any less. But, I admit that I can sadden God my Parent. And in those times...
even in those times
God has never turned His back on me.

Romans 8:38-39
For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers,
nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth,
nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in
Christ Jesus our Lord.

I am so thankful that God gave to me the gift of my husband's birth--day.
I consider Dan as my most valuable gift of all-time.
He is well-respected & walks in his integrity...
and our future generations will certainly be blessed because of him.

Have a blessed week, my friends!