Sunday, February 23, 2014

The ABCs of 30

I've been thinking about what kind of post I will make when Dan & I celebrate our 30th anniversary (in May).  A few questions came to my mind as I've been into this process ...

Do I make the post light-hearted or serious?  Do I include the not-so-good as well as the awesome?  How much do I want to divulge to our future generations? {and to everyone in the world wide web} ... So, from time to time I may be writing some of my thoughts, experiences and values on my marriage. Over the years we've reached the mountain peaks as well as sank into the deep valleys. And since my blog is basically to share some of my values with my future generations, it's very important to me that they have a source that they can turn to -- either see what we've done right over the years, or simply learn from our mistakes.  

For this post, however, I had the idea of coming up with one word for each letter of the alphabet and its significance in our 30 years.  
So, here's my "ABCs of 30" ...

A .... Over the years I have gained more & more appreciation for all my husband does for me & our family.  He's a hard worker whether in his career or at home. He carries a lot of weight to make sure we are taken care of -- and for that I am so grateful.
B .... I always have and I always will believe in my husband.
C .... Even in marriages change happens.  We choose to go through these changes together.
D .... No matter how many years God gives us together, there will always be something new to discover about each other and to discover them side by side.

E .... Plain and simple truth -- I have no regrets of not having a public wedding nor wedding pictures to capture our big day ... I would elope with him all over again.
F .... Family relationships are a vital aspect in our marriage. When our daughter was younger, we traveled several times a year to visit our families and solidify our relationships with everyone.  Relationships take time, effort and lots of sacrifice -- but they are so worth everything we invest.
G .... In every relationship -- in everything we do, say & think -- God has to be the Center. Without Him as our focus, every relationship becomes selfish ... even marriages. So, Dan & I choose God to be our Center.

H .... After 30 years, he still holds my hand.  
I .... Every day is a new day to say I do.
J .... There has never been any room for jealousy in our marriage. We are in our marriage together -- Dan has always said that whatever comes our way, he & I have done it together. 

K .... Kindness matters in our husband-wife relationship.  We have become best friends from our earlier days together -- I want to give him my best of everything I have and everything I am.
L .... Most newlyweds believe that love is just a feeling. But over time, most married couples realize that love is the action we take in everything that surrounds our married life.
M .... The 2 kids that we were at the beginning had no clue as to what marriage was all about -- and 30 years later we're still learning.  We don't know everything and we don't even pretend that we do. But we are having fun throughout our learning process.

N .... Never ever give up on God's plan for you... read aloud Jeremiah 29:11 until you truly believe this promise.

O .... Truth of the matter is -- there is no other person who I want to grow old with.
P .... When I get down about something, he is always looking for something positive for me to see.  No matter the circumstance, he always tries to find something to shift my focus away from the negative. That's just one of the reasons I adore him.

Q .... Even in our most quiet times, I know that he is mine and I am his.  And that gives us both strength to face whatever comes our way.
R .... When I said to him that he has matured so much from the boy I married 30 years ago, his face lit up & he said "Sweetheart, it's only because you are the reason I do what I do" -- I will always be my husband's #1 cheerleader.

S .... I remember the first time he called me Sweetheart after we were married. We were at a weekend bluegrass festival where he was setting up the sound equipment. He, his parents & brother not only performed but they also provided all the sound. He was on the scaffolding & needed something, so he yelled "Hey Sweetheart!"  I remember he got a bit of teasing for that -- but he has never stopped calling me Sweetheart for 30 years.


T .... Throughout various seasons of our life, we have shed many tears -- of joy, sadness, triumph and despair.  And those tears have only drawn us closer to each other and (more importantly) closer to God.  Some people may say that tears show weakness -- but it's only through our weakness that God can show His strength.
U .... One of the most crucial aspects in a marriage is for the couple to move in unity. Yes we may have different thoughts & viewpoints, but in order to keep a healthy marriage we need to be supportive of each other.  There's times when either of us will say "well, here's why I think the way I do on this situation" and the other will be able to see our point of view. But we believe that God blesses the couple who stands unified and not divided.

V .... Jesus said "I am the vine and you are my branches" And He is the vine in our marriage that holds the branches as we go through whatever comes our way.
W .... Wealth is not measured in a marriage by how much money we have in our bank account or how many "things" we own.  I believe that I am the wealthiest person on this Earth with my husband by my side and my family alongside of us. I do not need anything else.
X .... What word can I use for this letter? I've thought & thought -- cliche' words always come to mind.  Then I thought --- I didn't need to find the X marking the spot of my treasure. My husband & family have already marked their positions in my life.


Y .... Although we both were very young when we married, we knew that we were made for each other. We've had our ups & downs just like every other married couple. But now coming upon our 30th anniversary -- yes, I certainly would elope with him all over again. 

Z .... The word zeal means to have an intensity or passion for something or someone. It's through our zeal for each other that we want and encourage each other to do and be all that we want.  I desire for my husband to live his dreams just as he desires the same for me. It's through this passion that we want the very best for each other -- our life partner. 

{{ A word about this collage ... one evening several years ago we were chatting & looking through some old pictures.  One of these pictures captured my attention & tears came to my eyes.  He wondered why.  I told him that picture reminded me of a time in our life --- and then he said "I'm thankful everyday that I choosed you".  
Yes, he said "choosed" and he said that he keeps choosing me everyday.  
In another post I will tell the significance of that picture -- 
as well as which picture tells that period of time in our life.}}

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