Friday, July 25, 2014

The Big Move Weekend

This past weekend was very busy and exciting!  Packing Lucy & Tag's family to move to their very first house!!!! It's on post and close to the hospital where 'Joe has several doctors appointments daily.  It's such a relief knowing that they all are together as a family while 'Joe goes through his rehab & recovery ...
{and yeah -- it's bittersweet for Grandad and me, but we know that all of them 
need to be together during this next phase.}  
Sometime either during or after treatments & therapies, he will begin the process that leads to medical retirement ... and then on to what God has store for them as a family.
So here's a little glimpse of what we did last weekend -- when Saturday morning found us at her most favorite restaurant at 
Lucy's request ...

  After Cracker Barrel, we had a secret mission ... we had cooked up a plan with 'Joe's aunt & cousins who own a bakery (by the way, it's THE BEST in the state).  The little ones had a special treat at the bakery, then we took some yummy surprises home to Mommy & Daddy!

 ... and then ... more packing!  
You just never know what (or WHO) you'd find in a box ---

 Fun times with these 2 little ones!

And then ... Sunday we were loading down our trucks for the move on Monday.  It'll still take us a couple of weekends to move everything they need, but God is good.  It's been a long time coming, but they are settling into their new home.



Thank you, my dear friends, for your continued thoughts & prayers for this young family ... and all of our wounded warrior families.  They all sacrifice so much for our country, and sometimes it's uphill red-tape battles that take years to push through until they actually get their necessary medical treatments.  
And spouses & children sacrifice alongside of their hero ... it's truly a family sacrifice.

May God bless each & every one with a 
wonderful weekend!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our Little Bakers

 Our household got a very special treat last weekend!  Everyone was home so we had our house full again.  You see, last week Lucy had watched some play-doh videos on my laptop and stumbled across a really neat cooking site.  So she eagerly asked **daily** to watch more of these baking tutorials ... and we did (with me standing right beside her to make sure they were appropriate for her eyes -- and mine too!).

And here's our version of the My Little Pony cupcakes ...
as prepared by Lucy and Tag:

Lucy mixed ingredients to our white cake mix ...


We then separated the mix into 4 bowls ...
and Tag & Lucy mixed in different
food coloring ...


Of course they added sprinkles ...

 Then they spooned in a bit of each color into each cupcake slot ...

Although these look yummy ... our little bakers were not finished!


 Plain frosting mixed with flavor packets ... and of course their favorites --

cotton candy
pink lemonade

And so ...


I'd say the My Little Pony cupcakes were a success ...



As long as Granny sees smiles on these little faces ...
I will gladly be on clean-up detail!!!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our "Fourth" Weekend

When you're a military family, holidays are celebrated when everyone is together -- whether it's on the exact day, any time close to that day or just whenever you're together.  And that's how our July 4th weekend was celebrated -- well, minus 'Joe (who wasn't able to get a home pass but has chatted via FaceTime this weekend).

Sweet Lucy had been with us since Wednesday ... she's growing up too fast on her grandparents.  What a kind-hearted and precious young girl she is (and very patriotic)!

So Friday Mommy & Tag were able to come home!  Lucy was so excited to see them -- although this little girl does miss her Daddy.  But, it was priceless to spend the weekend with her Mommy & baby brother {uhhhhmmmm as Lucy would correct me, Tag is her little brother} !!!

And so Friday afternoon was painting time with Grandad ...

Saturday and today (Sunday) were very busy days as well.  Grandad treated everyone to breakfast at Denny's Saturday morning ... and then it was pool time!!! These two little ones are quite the fishies now that they've had a swim class --- and certainly more classes will follow!

These 2 little ones love each other so much & are always so proud of each other! When Lucy swam about half-way the pool to see Tag on the steps, Tag yelled 
"Yay Sissy!!!! You did it!!!!!!" 
He was so genuinely excited for her and proud of her!!

And this morning before church, it was "grands time" ... 
giving Mommy a little break while all 4 "grands" went to breakfast at McDonald's ... 
and who else would the little ones want to sit in a booth with --- 

 -- and he absolutely loved every moment!

And I would say that our July 4th weekend was indeed  

We all are so very thankful for those who laid down their lives so many years ago in order for us to live in the great country of the United States of America 
... and for those who continue to protect our Constitution and 
all of our freedoms.

 May God continue to bless the 
United States of America