Monday, October 29, 2018

I Know a Guy ...

For the past year I've been researching a guy.
(Yes, I know that sounds stalky and creepy, but hang in here with me.)
The more I've researched ... the more I want to learn about him ---
he is made up of simplicity and complexity ... 
he studies every detail of even the most intricate mechanisms ...
he ponders how God moves clouds ...
he is compassionate and sensitive and reserved.
This guy is a body-slammer ... yet a touch-cringer.
He's in constant motion ... yet is motion sensitive.
He stumbles over words ... yet is articulate beyond his years.
He's sensitive to unexpected touches ... yet craves hugs from people he trusts.
He seems distant and inattentive ... yet recites past conversations.

This guy cringes at dirt & mess ... yet flourishes on outside time in nature.
He is challenged in learning new motor skills ... yet builds complex structures with no printed design.
He's cautious on risk-taking activities ... yet thrives on body-crashing into his pads.
He is startled by sudden motion behind him ... yet calculates his next mischievous sneak on others.
He's overwhelmed at lights and noise and crowds ... yet is a devoted Walt Disney World fan.
I admit that I was skeptical ... cynical ... and just plain ol' judgmental when I first heard
Sensory Processing Disorder
Some of the things that came out of my mouth ::::
"what in the world will people come up with next" ...
"he's a boy -- he'll grow out of it" ...
"he needs to toughen up" ...
But then ... the more I read, the more I understood what I didn't understand (crazy, huh?).  It was almost like "this stuff" actually contradicted itself and everything that I had
predetermined in my mind-set to be true and acceptable.
I still have so many questions about Sensory Processing Disorder. So there's more research, observing and learning in my future. But, one thing that has made a complete difference is my acceptance
This guy is my "who" and my "why" to continue studying SPD. 
And with such a handsome grandson ...
why wouldn't I want to know more on SPD so that I can know more of him?
I would love to hear if anyone else has experience with Sensory Processing Disorder. 
Please feel free to leave me a comment!
Have a blessed week, my friend!