Thursday, April 24, 2014

Granny's One Word

I am so thankful that God never leaves me where I may be at a particular moment in time.  My Granny always said that when she stopped learning then she would be in Heaven --- 
and thankfully I am a Granny who keeps learning as well.  
So, here's where I've been ...

I've mentioned in many posts that we have 3 generations in our house -- with Dan & me as the oldest generation. Two years ago our son-in-law was wounded in action in Afghanistan -- this was just 11 days after his son (our grandson) was born and our granddaughter was 3 1/2 at the time.  So for the past year and a half since he's been home from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, our household has been very busy.  Our grandson Tag is an energetic toddler and his sister Lucy is a creative preschooler who starts Kindergarten this fall.  Between rehabs, doctor's appointments, evaluations, preschool activities, toddler development, church activities ... well, our daughter has her hands full.  
So Dan and I try to help out as best we can.

One thing about parents who then become grandparents ... we don't always --- I should back up here ... some parents/grandparents may "get it" right ... 
so let me use the "first person" here ... I don't always "get it" right. 

Let me explain a little more ... there's a difference between my husband and me.  Dan has always been a "fixer" and a "balancer".  If there's a problem, he wants to come to a solution to fix whatever the situation may be.  And he has always been good at balancing work-life and home-life ... getting household things accomplished, having fun with kids/grandkids, 
finding time for his hobbies such as playing music ... he's a "balancer".

Me on the other hand ... well, Granny really isn't a "fixer"--- I'm more of a "taper" ...
you know, put a little scotch tape on the situation for a temporary fix until it comes apart again. Then I'll deal with it at that point in time.  And I definitely do not balance ... I'm more of a juggler --- toss everything that's going on up in the air and pray I don't drop any of the balls.  I try to take things upon myself ... not for the "control" but rather to take something off the plate of my "house-mates".  If truth be known, I honestly do not enjoy being "in control" ... let someone else take the lead and I will follow 
(well, after I finish everything that I BELIEVE needs done around the house first).

But no matter what our different traits may be, I think I can speak for at least MOST parents when I say this ---  
it's not a control issue we have with our kids' lives. 
I know that my daughter and son-in-law need to walk the path that God has directed for just them.  My desire (especially over these past 2 years) has been more to "shield" them ... although my daughter is grown, married and has children, she's still my daughter.  
I would rather walk through the raging waters than have her even close enough to feel it's strength ...

And this is where God delivered me from over the past several days ...
He is my kids shield.  

All of these situations and challenges that they have and are going through -- 

He is with them.  
He is carrying them.   
He is molding them and shaping them into the people He needs them to be. 
He has His plans for them as well as for Lucy and Tag.  

And He has His plans for Dan and myself.  I've done a lot of listening to Him over the past several weeks.  Sometimes outside influences can detract from what we need to hear straight from the Master. So, as I was listening, the God of the universe gave me one word ... 

I can visualize this one word
I can repeat this one word when I feel overwhelm
I can rest in this one word

And truth is, I've done all the above just within the past several days.

My one word ...


When I visualize this word ...  
I can physically feel my breathing getting calmer and smoother
I can feel my blood pressure leveling
I can feel His peace sauntering through me

Yes, I know that I will have to keep reminding myself of this word daily -- 
and moment by moment.  But you see, this is where

Grace meets imperfection
Comfort overtakes anxiety
Rest reacquaints with assurance


when the overwhelm begins to overtake ...
when anxiety sets up camp within me ...
when uncertainty turns into fear ...


... allows God to do what only He can do
... allows me to rest and step out of His way
... allows peace to overflow with comfort and security




I pray for your week and days ahead, my dear friends ... 
that you will rest in the security and comfort of His grace ... 
that you will always be teachable and learn from the Master Himself ... 

 and that you simply


Friday, April 18, 2014

A Little Catch-Up this Easter Weekend

The past few weeks have been very busy ones for our household.  Needless to say, when there's 3 generations under one roof ---- well, when sickness hits, it runs through most if not all of us before it's over.  Here's a quick look at what's been going on for us ...

  • The first of April had GI Joe in various doctor appointments from sleep study evaluations to neurology for his leg that was hit with the shrapnel to now full-blown evaluations on whether he should just be medically retired from the military. And in the middle of these appointments which span about 6 different cities within a few hundred miles ... he was told that his leg will never be back to 100% pre-explosion from 2 years ago.  This is hard reality for anybody to grasp, let alone a 28 year old who had planned to serve more than his 20 years to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.   
  • Two weeks ago, Lucy went from enjoying Krispy Kreme Donuts to stomach virus within 30 minutes ... then Tag got sick a few days later, and our daughter ... then it hit me extremely bad. Tag still hasn't fully recovered, and we're all dealing with sinus problems even now.  

  •   It was probably a good thing that Dan was so busy at work the last couple of weeks of tax season -- he was pretty much in a bubble from all of our germs! But, Lucy and Tag were sure thankful the afternoon of April 15th!!!  This was our 31st tax season together ... we know the "tax season drill" although it's still hard on these little ones.

However in the middle of sickness and busy-ness, God is always good.  I hope in the next few days to post the one word that I've been dwelling on over these past few weeks. I've had a pretty hard lesson from God lately, however it's always to my benefit and most importantly -- to His glory -- when His children take His lead and direction.  

These next several weeks will be just as chaotic and busy for us.  Dan & I are coming upon a special time that he & I have planned for the 2 of us -- I'll share more of that later too.

So ... in the meantime ...

we focus on today and our faith in knowing that
He has a plan for each of us

His plan is not to harm us 
{although some experiences can be challenging}
but rather to bring us to always look to Him for all we need

So we hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend
and abide in the truth that 

Jesus is alive and 
He has already won every battle we will ever face here on earth

~~~ Happy Easter, dear friends ~~~