Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Take on Valentine's Day

Over the past few days I've seen many posts and status updates on Valentine's Day.  
From the "Oh how romantic my Valentine is" ... 
to "Will this Hallmark-driven day ever end?"

And now, I am putting in my two cents worth 
(and it might not even be worth THAT much) ...

My husband and I normally don't make a big deal of Valentine's Day.  Our daughter's birthday is February 13, so we have always put more emphasis on her day than the day after.  That's not to say that we haven't gotten each other something ... but it's never been too much for this day.  In the past I've gotten flowers, chocolates, dinner, cards ...

But the best gift that I ever received from my husband has been simply to spend some time with him.  This is his busy season at work, so it means so much to me just to spend a few extra minutes with him on February 14.  

 Earlier this week I started listening to one of my older CDs -- Nicole C. Mullen.  And one of her songs reminded me of the One who is our Creator and who is the Author of all love letters.  When my heart is aligned with His, love is a beautiful thing.  It pours out in everything I do ... everything I say ... everything I think.
And sometimes I just need a little tuning ... and He is right there for me.

So, no matter if our opinions on Valentine's Day differ on its significance and importance, 
there's One 
who is the Author of all love
who proved His love for each of us upon the cross
who is always the Music of my heart.


Dear Lord,  May I always remember You as my First Love.  And when I do this simple act, may my heart be aligned with Yours and may You show Your love for others through me.  Sometimes I need a little fine-tuning, but thank You for always being there and never giving up on me.  May You always be the Music of my heart.


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