Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our First Blink ... Our Daughter's Birthday

Doesn't seem possible that 28 years ago ... Thursday,  February 13, 1986 
our little miracle came into the world.  She was a miracle in that the doctors said we would never have children -- 
but God said otherwise.

I know that I don't say enough about my daughter ... but the truth is -- 
she's an extraordinary young woman.  She seeks God's desire for her life and 
the life of her family.  She's a wonderful wife to her 'Joe as well as an awesome Mommy to her children.  
Her Daddy & I have watched our little bundle of joy become the young devoted woman she is today. 

Parents always remember the birth of their children -- and Dan & I remember that particular Thursday very well... 
snow & ice all over the city where our hospital was -- 
my Granny & I on the phone all day as she was in the hospital across town (Dan was driving my Mother to check on Granny & 
there were wrecks all over town) --
my husband standing by my hospital bed when our daughter entered our world. 
The only thing we seem to have a "difference of opinion" on is how much snow was on the ground ... suffice it to say, there was ALOT -- more than likely over a foot of it.  But, the snow amount aside, we do agree that these past 28 years have gone by quickly.

So, here's some pictures & collages of
the first time we blinked ... 



We are so thankful that God chose us to be the parents of this young woman. 
We love her and her family ~~~ 
and look forward to seeing how God will use their family & bless each of them 
in the days & years ahead.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. GI Joe ~~~
With all our love, 
Daddy & Mother

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