Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rides and Lines and Crowds ... Oh My!

So, Granny has been scarce from the blogging community for the past several weeks.  With every endeavor I make to be more current with posting, seems like the more I get behind.  I have always loved writing and I want so much to do more of it ... but I admit that by the end of the evening, when my grands are on their way to dreamland, I am ready to do the same. Grandad & I go to our family room to catch up on chatting (very quietly since Tag is falling asleep just downstairs from us) or computer work or reading.  And it seems the longer I sit, the heavier my eyes get ... 

But, tonight I am making a full-blown mission to at least get some pictures posted of our family two-week vacation to Disney World.  I know, I know ... when some people think of Disney they think rides and lines and crowds. Which can be true, but there's so much more to Disney World to our family.  And here's some of our views ...




Hopefully soon I will post pictures from Lucy's 5th birthday!  We celebrated some in Disney, then at home on her big day September 23rd ... and this Saturday we are having a surprise birthday party for her -- but don't tell her -- she will be over the moon!  

Oh how I love my family!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Therapy of Art

Not only does she dance ...


But she is also an expression artist ... 

Two of Lucy's most favorite hobbies
have been her greatest forms of release.
Even little ones feel the stresses of everyday life ...
and little warriors experience more of life than most of us adults.
And art is a good expression of stress release.

Yeah, it was a bit messy...
(but life can get messy too)
Yeah, it took a bit of time to prepare...
(but what is life made of but time)
Yeah, it made a little warrior smile & giggle & create
(and life becomes even sweeter)

So, if there's someone in your life who could use a stress-release or a little diversion ...
crazy paint flinging
feeling your color
sealing with glitter

Because everybody needs a little diversion every now & then.

Happy Paint Flinging!!!