Monday, October 22, 2012

Values & Politics: For My Grandchildren

Dear Lucy and Tag, 

I can't believe that both of you were born in the years of our country's presidential election.  Lucy September 2008 and Tag February 2012.  Maybe it's not such a coincidence, either, of the months you both spent in Bethesda MD just outside of Washington DC.  It would not surprise me at all if either or both of you become associated someway with politics.  Well, your Granny wants to just take a few paragraphs to explain why I believe it's so important to participate in our political institutions. 

I want both of you to know how important it is to exercise your privilege of voting for your representatives whether on a local, state or national level. I believe that as Christ-followers, we have a responsibility to pray to God our Father as to whom He directs each of us to cast our votes. I base my political party affiliation on the political party that is aligned closest to my Christian values, family values, moral values and patriotic values.  Here's how I do this:

My Christian values are the basis of who I am.  I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior and it's only in Him that I will live eternally in God's glory.  So, how does this intertwine in my political actions? I personally have a struggle aligning with a political party that does not acknowledge the sovereignty of Almighty God. Now, I'm not so naive to think that every person regardless of political party is a Christ-follower. It's just my personal conviction of aligning with a (more) God acknowledged political party.  God is always first in my life. Period.

I also have strong family values that have been instilled in me in the past ... well, forever.  I believe that it's my personal responsibility to be the positive role model to my family.  And I know that people in both political parties share similar family values.  However, it is my personal belief that I ultimately take personal responsibility for myself.  It is not the government's role to take care of my family. That job is for me and my husband.  It's not been because of the government that we've had both successes and even made wrong decisions in our family. It's been our individual and family decisions that we stand upon. I do not belong to the government.

My moral values have been shaped by my Christian values. I have strong beliefs on abortion, welfare assistance, health care reform, among many other issues. I believe in standing up and being the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves (unborn babies for example). Yes I believe we need to reach out and assist those who do not have, but I also do not believe in redistributing what others have worked so hard to build and attain. Unfortunately there are some people in the world and in our own country who take advantage of our assistance programs. There has to be a checks & balance of those who truly need and those who take advantage. Is it fair to take from one person who works hard to support his/her family and give to someone who has the ability to do the same ... but simply will not.

By now, Lucy & Tag, you both have seen that you come from a patriotic family. I'm not sure "why", but for some reason God Almighty saw fit for me (and you both) to be citizens of the United States of America.  And for that I am thankful.  I love my country and all that she stands for. I do not believe in apologizing for my country. We are a military family & we believe in our military and their families (that's you two!) ... I am thankful for my country and our military. 

Lucy & Tag, I know that you may not agree with me on everything. And I respect that.  But although we may not always agree, my one hope is this ... that you both look to God-Almighty as your political "consultant".  Ask yourselves what political party (if any) GOD wants you to align with ... who GOD wants you to cast your votes for ... and (more importantly) how are your Christian values, family values, moral values and patriotic values shaped by GOD Almighty? And how do these values coincide with your political actions?  

I believe we all have a responsibility to our country, to our community, to our family ... and taking an interest and participating in our political institutions is just one of our responsibilities.  Please do not ever think that you cannot make a difference -- because you DO make a difference.  

I believe each Christ-follower will stand responsible for our actions ... in all areas of our lives.  And this includes our political privileges as well.  

So, be informed ... 
be engaged ... 
be God - led in your political participation.

Seek God first ... 
Know that no matter the outcome of earthly political elections ...

Almighty God is still and will forever be Sovereign ... 
He is still and will forever be on His throne  
Our future and values belong to you & your generation, Dear Ones.  Be blessed in Him.



Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebrating Generations & Relationships

Four generations

Today we had a Fall Family Celebration ... G-G and Grandpa came over for a visit.  We all love it when we can get together as a family -- 
4 generations under the same roof for a day 
... eating Mommy's white-bean chicken chili, watching football, eating Lucy's special "monster cake",
 and of course ... carving pumpkins.  
What a wonderful fall day we shared together!

We don't take our multi-generational relationship for granted.  It has taken years to develop and nurture.  It began many years even before my Mother came into this world.  We always had a close-knit family and still do.  I had a very close relationship with my Granny ... my daughter has a very close relationship with her Grandma (my Mother) ... and Lucy has a very close relationship with her Granny (me) and her G-G (my Mother).  What a legacy!  (And yes, Tag was hanging out with the men of the family after he woke up from his nap.  He enjoys hanging out with his Daddy, Grandad & Grandpa while us girls do our own thing too.)

A few things our family knows about relationships:

relationships take time ... 
relationships require sacrifice ... 
relationships lasts for lifetimes ... 

One thing that my Granny showed all of her family -- family, friends, strangers -- 

*** relationships are worth everything we put into them *** 

I am so very thankful for moments such as in this picture ... 

 memories that lasts many lifetimes
relationships placed with highest priorities
family values being passed to future generations

  I can't expect to wake up one day & all of a sudden have a close relationship if I haven't invested in the relationship up to that point.  I know that I need to be putting my all into these relationships *now* and not wait.

I wouldn't trade my relationships for anything:

I've invested my time ... 
I've made some sacrifices ... 
I benefit for my lifetime ... 

And with moments like this ...

Oh how blessed I am!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebrating Priorities

I've really neglected my blog over the past several weeks ... not intentionally ... but it just turned out that way.  Although I've written several posts, none of them have made it past my brain.  
Sometimes there's just so much going on in a household with three generations
 under the same roof, that priorities must be given to:  
what I need to get done
what I would like to get done
what I can take care of later (whenever "later" may be)

Some events on our calendar have been forgotten about (not by design, but just simply over-looked).  Although we have a rather large dry-erase calendar in our dining room for appointments, events & other activities, there have been a couple of times that we've simply just missed it.  No disrespect or misunderstanding was intended, but sometimes life gets a little hectic.

So, here's a little glimpse into what's been happening for the past month in our household:
 We celebrated Lucy turning 4 years old ...

at home ...

and at Disney World!!!
(This trip was awarded to the 'Joes in appreciation for his service to out country & his Purple Heart)


It sure doesn't take long for time to get away from us ... 
and for things to be left undone for the day.
 But these two little kids are growing up too fast on Granny & Grandad ... 
so we are enjoying every moment we get with them.