Saturday, July 23, 2011

To Jump is to Miss Out

I may just be the only person who has ever done this.  Matter of fact, not too many would probably even think about doing this one little thing.  Then again, maybe it’s more of a thing that’s done without thinking.  Because if we really thought about it, we more than likely would not want to do this thing.  It can be very costly to not only the person who does it, but to others as well. 

So, what is this “thing” I’m rambling about? 

Jumping to conclusions

I really don’t think I’m the only one who’s ever done this.  It can sure be a costly lesson to learn, can’t it?  (Well, I guess only those who have ever taken the jump can answer that question.)  However, I’m going to direct this post more at the “I” and “me” ... I don’t want to assume that anyone else falls into the “jumper” category.

What really happens when I jump to conclusions …

** I see only what I want to see & not any other piece of the picture.  More than likely I don’t have all the details regarding a situation.  You know, the whole interrupting in a conversation and saying “You really don’t need to say anything else.  I completely understand.”  Even if the other person does need to say more & I really don’t understand everything at all.  I’ve found (through experience) that it’s really better to allow someone to say what they need to say without me interrupting … but, with me listening … and hearing what the person is saying to me. 

** My viewpoint is clouded.  No matter what the circumstance of my jump, I now have a tainted view of it (whether "it" is a person, situation, or anything else).  I haven’t allowed myself to get to know the person or the situation at hand. It’s sad that I could miss out on a friendship, or getting involved in a ministry or cause, or given of myself to be a blessing to others.  So, I’ve missed out all around.  All because of my distorted view. 

Possible repercussions of jumping to conclusions can be …

** Distortion of a person who may not be who I thought.  This was actually directed at me a while back.  I was in a group meeting and was chatting with some others.  Later on someone from our little chat group said to me “You aren’t anything like I thought you would be.”  I had no idea that an inaccurate conclusion was what was between us at that point in time.  And now, years later, I still value her friendship deeply. 

** I don’t allow God to use me for His glory.  I hold back on getting involved in the ministries and blessings that God wants of me.  I refuse to see more of the circumstance and just want to live with my clouded tunnel vision of the truth.  When this happens, God cannot use me for His glory. 

I, for one, have missed out on many great blessings from God by my own jumps.  It’s not anyone's fault but my own.  But, by God’s mercy I can move forward and take a look at things in a way that glorifies my Creator.  I believe that He doesn’t want any of us to take those jumps, but He desires each of us to bring everything to Him … whether we are working through situations … listening to other counsel regarding a certain matter … or just figuring out what we’re supposed to be doing.  He’s never too busy for any of us. 

When we seek Him & His Word, there’s no need to take any jumps.  I’ve jumped too many times and I certainly do not enjoy them at all.  But, it’s through the hard experiences that I’ve learned to allow God to direct me in the path where He needs me.  Whether with friends, circumstances, situations … when we jump to conclusions, we are the ones who miss out.  Sometimes we just need to be still and listen to what God is saying to us instead of listening to distractions.

I really don’t think I’m the only person who has ever taken this jump … afterall I’d be jumping to conclusions if I did.  

 May God be with each of us as we rely on His wisdom and His truth in every matter we face.    


I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

You are "the bomb dot com", my friend. Great post. LOVE this post, love your winsome, humble heart, LOVE you.

It is always so refreshing to stop by here.

KPort207 said...

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Thanks :)

Sassy Granny ... said...

It's a hazardous undertaking, this business of "fire, ready, aim!". I can't help but think of the advice James gives us: "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires." (1:19-20)

Great post!


Granny said...

Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement. We all learn some life lessons the hard way, but God has given us the responsibility to teach the younger ones. It's my prayer that the younger generations will think and pray before they make any jumps.

Have a blessed week!

jellybelly said...

So guilty of jumping! Many times! Trying to learn patience because it's landed me in a lot of misunderstandings. My friends always tell me to "let them finish".

visiting from new friends friday bloghop!

The Twerp and I

Shana said...

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