Thursday, January 18, 2018

Turning Distractions into Disciplines

Sometimes life just happens
and the words simply do not come...
Circumstances seem to dampen
and my keyboard appears to be done.
But in that instant when I hear His whisper
I'll give you My words just follow My lead
These words are not mine as He is the Gifter
Of all that I have and will ever need.
"Granny" @ Love Granny BlogSpot, January 18, 2018
Do you ever get in a slump like that? I confess that mine comes around more than I like.
I have always loved writing ... but the dishes in the sink need attention ---
I have always loved photography ... but the upstairs rooms need to be straightened up ---
I have always enjoyed reading my blogging-friends' posts ... but there's 15 other things to do first ---
(and now trying to write this post, I get several text messages from our insurance company reminding me that Dan's prescription needs refilled)
It really never ends, does it?
But I'm learning...
I re-training myself to not look at the "distractions"
but rather to see them more of "disciplines"
I hesitate to say this, but perhaps it's one of God's creative disciplines to help me take my next step...
I'm in the process of creating another blog site.  It's been on my heart for several months and I even have the site ... just no posts --- yet.  There's been several "distractions" of 2017 that I have just started looking at through God's vision of "disciplines".  He has carried my family through some deep valleys and also to the mountain tops in 2017 ...
and He is always faithful.

I pray that 2018 will be the year of discarding the "distractions"
and turning them into "disciplines" to help each of us move from our "point A"
and into "God's point" where He needs us to be.
I'll keep you updated on my new endeavor ...
please pray that I will follow God's direction & His words as I venture into a new blog-site for His glory.