Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Time to RUN ... JUMP ... PLAY

Today marks 4 week post-op WOOOHOO!!!  Yes, I have survived (most of) the recovery process ... or I should say MY FAMILY has survived! I knew even in the decision-making process what aspect of this whole surgery-thing I dreaded most:  the operation itself?  Eh, no big deal.  Not able to lift or carry sweet little Lucy? Yeah, that was the big deal. So ...

Over the past 4 weeks, Granny has been a very good patient (if I must say so myself).  I've even surprised my family!  My rational has been this:  I could either be a good patient now (4 weeks) and heal with no set-backs, or I could risk something going wrong and possibly more recovery time -- or even more surgery.  Yeah, it was a no-brainer. 

In celebration of the 4-week milestone, Lucy & Granny sent her parents down the road ... well, to run their errands & get some lunch. This was the first time that I hung out with my girl alone since surgery!  So, we made a batch of Lucy's most favorite cinnamon muffins! AND special mini-cornbread muffins (this is the smallest muffin pan I've ever seen).  We watched movies (too cold & rainy to go outside) while we ate lunch, and we did a lot of "RUN ... JUMP ... PLAY" too.  Ahhhhh, it feels good to be back (I'm not officially 'released' for another 3 weeks, but Granny's back now)!

I do want to share some pictures of how Lucy & her Mommy welcomed Granny home 4 weeks ago ('Joe was out of town for a few days, but he was just as protective to me as everyone else was).  

Welcome Home Granny!

Movies & TV to watch on my laptop while relaxing

Mrs Joe's lap-tray to keep on my bed w/ books & crochet items.
(The day before surgery, Lucy picked out this brand new beautiful yellow blanket for her Granny. She wanted me to have a new one since our comforter was being dry-cleaned. Don't I just have the sweetest little granddaughter ever!!!)
Lucy even gave me her special flowers from the Great Ones to enjoy

From the Great Ones when they came to visit after I came home

As much as I had wanted to delay this surgery until the Joe's were stationed, God's timing is always perfect!  When I would hear a certain little voice outside my bedroom door insisting to everyone in the house "I need to see my Granny now!" ~~~ "I need to tell my Granny something!" ~~~ or asking me "Granny, do you need anything?" ~~~ "Granny, are you feeling better now?" ...  ahhhhhhh, yes, God's timing is perfect.

My special little nurse ... whether keeping her Granny company or going out with her Mommy & Daddy ~~~ she has been quite a trooper these past 4 weeks of recovery.  

 Your Granny loves you, Lucy!!!!! 


Susan Hughes said...

thinking about you today & wondering how you're feeling. looks like Lucy have been taking good care of you! :)

Granny said...

I'm doing good. Sure couldn't ask for a sweeter nurse or better medicine :)