Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Glimpse into Granny's Younger Days

One of my goals for this blog is to give my granddaughter Lucy a background on our family history.  I hope to show her a glimpse of my childhood that I have also shared with Lucy's Mommy.  So I thought that as I still some recovery time in front of me (nothing major), I will post some of pictures of my childhood and my family that God so graciously blessed to me.

 This is Lucy's G-G (my Mother) holding little baby me! And my cousin L was like my big sister.

This is my Granny (Lucy) holding me and my cousin L. We were on the steps of my Aunt H's house (next door to Granny's).  Aunt H was my cousin L's Mother. 

 I was on the front steps of my Granny's house (where my parents & I lived with Granny & my Aunt K).  This picture was probably the Spring '65.
My parents with me.  I learned so much from both of them, and am very thankful to have them.  I believed that I had the coolest parents back then -- and still do!

This was at my Granny's house -- the best home for a child to ever grow up in!
With my cousins and church friends.  Front row is my cousin B, cousin L, then me, next to me is C (cousin's cousin), then D (our pastor's daughter).  Back row is cousin M, then J (our pastor's son), then cousin T and cousin K.

What a great family to grow up in! And this isn't even all of us!!  I'll post more pictures later.  But for now ... I just wanted to share some of my younger days with my granddaughter.


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