Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Feel Better Mommy!

This is Mrs. G.I. Joe borrowing my mom's blog for a bit :) She had surgery this morning and is now out and starting her nice little "mandatory vacation." Eat your heart out Charlie Sheen because her vacation starts with pain killers!

Mom, you did awesome today like I knew you would! Now you can just kick back and let other people wait on you hand and foot. That will probably be worse than the surgery for you, I know. But you deserve a break. And soon you'll be swinging Lucy around Disney World and chasing her through our "forest." Love you and miss you!

Back later to post some pictures :P

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Granny said...

Mrs GI Joe has taken such wonderful care of her Mommy this week! She had my mind diverted Wednesday morning as I waited in the "holding cell" for surgery --- yeah Charlie Sheen, eat your heart out!

I'm really trying to be a good patient so that Lucy & I can run around Disney World soon -- everybody else will have to keep up with us :)