Sunday, March 13, 2011

11 Days Post-Op

I knew going in to this surgery that recovery was the #1 thing I dreaded.  And I was right. 
Eleven days and I’m ready for recovery to be over.   
(And, just between you & me – 
it really should be over, shouldn’t it?)   
But, it’s really not that easy.  Although this was not a life-depending surgery, it is still considered major surgery.

And so, I’ve wondered:

            Am I recovering the right way?  Am I supposed to feel this way in this recovery process?  Am I doing too little? (I certainly don’t think I’m doing too much)  Why do I have energy one day and hardly any the next? Should I be doing …?  Just what is the right way to recover?  Why aren’t I recovering as quickly as a friend did? (Afterall, surgery was 11 whole days ago!)  Should I feel this way?  Am I failing at this recovering thing?  What am I supposed to be doing?

So, here’s a few answers I’ve come up with …

 ~~~  This surgery may be a “routine” surgery, but it’s not routine for me.  Yes, I’ve read that it’s one of the “safest” surgeries that doctors & surgeons perform.  Yes, there are various methods of performing this surgery & my doctor used the less invasive method.  Yes, I was only in the hospital for one night.  But I’ve never had this surgery before … so it wasn’t “routine” for me. ~~~

~~~ There are various circumstances for having this surgery. Some for lesser reasons, some for more serious reasons. Mine was more middle of the road, but for issues that I’ve dealt with for many years & some current issues from the past couple of years. Some procedures last as short as an hour, some last longer. Mine was not anticipated to last as long as it did (about 2 ½ hours) … even to the surprise of my doctor. ~~~

 ~~~It’s okay … 
I’m recovering as I should … 
not how anyone else should … 
but how I should recover. ~~~

I am blessed. 
Granddad … Mrs. 'Joe (yeah, my daughter's the best --- I'll have a post later) … ‘Joe … Lucy … the Great Ones … family … friends … church … prayers … a special gift bag to help keep me occupied ... wonderful meals that have been prepared & brought to our family … 
my list goes on. 

I praise God for His many blessings in my life … 
I am grateful for recovery ... 
And now ~~~ rest.


ocean mommy said...

Hi! Just saw that you "followed" my blog. Thanks! It's nice to meet you. :)

I'm praying now that as you recover and rest from this surgery you are surrounded by the peace of God Almighty! Enjoy this opportunity to just be still! (that is so hard for me, I "get" wanting to get back on your feet!)


Granny said...

Thanks Stephanie --- I look forward to reading what God is doing in you & your family.

Recovery is going great ... and if I must say so, I am being a pretty good patient ... especially since I have the cutest "incentive" to make this a smooth one :)

God Bless!