Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Introduction to the 21st Century

My husband surprised me just before Christmas this (past) year. For the past few years we have either gotten something for the house, or had Mrs. Joe do our shopping for each other (she would choose a theme & talk to each of us about interests, goals, etc, then choose our gifts for each of us to which we both would be doubly surprised as to what we got for each other), or just waited until after Christmas to find good sales.  
But this past Christmas was different ...  

he researched, he bought and he hid ...  

all before he even dropped any hints to me.  

So, as Granny was scrambling to get Christmas shopping done, I learned less than a week before Christmas that he had me a "bonafide" gift.  (He had just added another "to-do" to my list because I sure wasn't going to let him get me something & me be empty-handed to him --
besides I had a couple of ideas up my own sleeve as well).  
And, on Christmas Eve, my big gift was revealed.  
(Of course, Mrs. Joe had been in on this since the time he made his covert purchase ... and she was quite proud of her Daddy for shopping all by himself). 

I must say, this Granny is rather enjoying her Christmas present.  I never really dreamed that I would ever enter into the 21st century, but evidently my husband is determined that I must go ... and I will admit that I have enjoyed this quantum leap.  But if anyone knows me at all, my husband knows me best. This gift really is my style and my size.  My only challenge is not to be overwhelmed at the number of books I can choose from to load to my Nook Color and at the applications I can use on it (I still haven't a clue as to everything I can do with this).  And it's taking a little time to get used to not holding a physical book or turning physical pages, but I think I can get used to this :) 

Thanks to my wonderful husband for his continued surprises after 28 years together.  But I do wonder "why" he kept my gift at his office & didn't try to "hide" it in the house?  It's not like I would have gone on a gift-hunt ... or would I??? 
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Modern Day Disciple said...

Nice "gift"! Now you only have to list 999 more, ok? ;) Enjoy!

Granny said...

I actually told my husband that I would love this book for Christmas. So it was the first that I downloaded & I love it! I'm also doing the "Joy Dare" of 2012 ... to be more "aware" of my blessings :) God is too good for me to take His gifts for granted.

nichole quigley said...

very nice gift!! He did good! I hope my husband does that some day.. he's more of the "what do you want... ok I'll get that" kind of guy... which does ensure that I get what I want...but then again, I'm never surprised!

Granny said...

Nichole, we actually bought gifts for each other for many years ... then we got lazy for awhile. I really don't do "surprises" very well at all (I'm too anxious), but he has pulled off some good for me. Maybe you could initiate a little treasure hunt or surprise evening out for him and then he could do the same for you ... my husband & I even used to send each other notes to our respective offices from each other (writing on the front "personal" or "confidential" -- that way everyone knows not to open that envelope for him!) ... let me know if any ideas work for you :)