Sunday, February 13, 2011

25 Years Ago ...

February 13, 1986 … Our little surprise made her grand entrance into our world.  Granddad and I were told by doctors that we would basically never be able to have a child of our own.  Well -- you know, God had another plan … a much better plan!  (This is a pic of our little baby with my Granny the day we were released from the hospital.) 

And today, 25 years later … our daughter Mrs. GI Joe with her daughter Lucy Michaela.  My how time passes by.

This weekend was a celebration weekend.  In our family, we don’t just celebrate a birth-day -- we make a whole weekend out of it.  Besides, God in His infinite wisdom, glory and grace has given us the most valuable gift of our loved ones.  

The Great Grands came over yesterday (Saturday) to celebrate with us.  It's been one of the most awesome experiences to see our daughter grow in her relationship with my parents (just like I had with my Granny).  There's nothing to compare to relationships --- no amount of money, no amount of tangible gifts, absolutely nothing.  We're completely blown away by our daughter ... she's quite a young woman.  
Happy Birthday to our dear daughter … 
What a blessing it's been to be a part of your life ... 
We’re so proud of you and your family! 

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