Friday, March 29, 2013

The Story of "The Jesus Eggs"

This has been a very short week for Lucy's preschool.  Monday was a snow day and there is no school today for Good Friday.  Preschool has been so good for Lucy and it's a bonus to have her in preschool at our home church.  She & her classmates get to hear about Jesus and other Bible teachings everyday at school and in their activities. 

On Tuesday Lucy brought home an egg carton filled with 12 plastic eggs.  She was so eager to tell me "the story", so she took me in my bedroom, climbed upon the bed, and began telling me the story of  "The Jesus Eggs":

 EGG #1 ... "This is the palm branch, Granny.  People waved this when Jesus came into town riding a donkey."

EGG #2 ... "These are the coins that one of Jesus' friends gave to the men. I think his name was ..."  Was it Judas?  "Yes, yes.  His name was Judas."

EGG #3 ... "Granny, this was the bread that Jesus gave his friends to eat. And He even washed their feet!"

EGG #4 ... "These hands mean they prayed. And Jesus prayed too."


EGG #5 ... (Her whole little body flinched and she buried her little face in her hands) "Oh Granny, this is the whip they beat Jesus with. Oh they hurt Him so much!"

EGG #6 ... (Flinching again with tears in her eyes) "Oh Granny.  I was afraid this was the crown of thorns. They shoved it on His head and made His head bleed. They hurt Him really bad, Granny."      

EGG #7 ... (Clasping her little hands together)  "I was afraid this was the nails, Granny.  They pounded nails into His hands & feet on the cross. Why did they want to hurt Him so much?"

Throughout the process of Lucy telling me the story, I would rub her back or pat her leg to encourage her.  

"Lucy remember -- this has a happy ending, right?"
"Yes, Granny. You're right, it does. But it's just so sad now." 

EGG #8 ... "I really don't understand the dice, Granny." 
Well Lucy, they rolled the dice to see who would get Jesus' clothes.
"Why would they do that to Jesus?" 

EGG #9 ... "Oh Granny. I was so afraid it was this -- the sword. They jabbed it in Him and made Him bleed even more."


EGG #10 ... "It's the cloth! They wanted to wrap Him in it after He -- He died, Granny.  Jesus really died. They hurt Him so bad that He died."

EGG #11 ... "Granny, this is the tomb that they put His body in after He died."

EGG #12 ... "The angel came to tell them  
'Do not be afraid for He is not here.'
Granny, Granny --  
And He's with His Daddy in Heaven!!!" 

And I can honestly say that in all of my 48 years here on earth, I have never ever heard the Easter story of Jesus told with as much emotion as I heard from 
my 4 1/2 year old Lucy Michaela.

And all of Heaven rejoices at the sound of the little ones ... 



Deb Mullins said...

what a beautifully told story. Thanks "granny" for posting and thank you Lucy for sharing it with all of us.

Sheila Atchley said...

::sniffle:: reading this again...beautiful post.

Sending my love to you and your family. Have a blessed Easter weekend!