Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why I Didn't Shut Down My Facebook Page

A few weeks ago, I updated my Facebook "status" that I was closing my page down.  I had closed my Twitter account several months ago, so (it seemed) Facebook was up next.  Some responses to my announcement actually surprised me -- friends who did not want me to shut down my page.  And there were various reasons -- keeping up with my grandkids, just getting back in touch with each other & just simply missing our contact with each other. 

These responses actually lead me to really contemplate "why" I'm on Facebook to begin with ...
how do I use my account ...
what do I post ...
who do I reach out to with my posts ...

And I came up with a few answers ...
  •  I love sharing about my family --- God has blessed me beyond any stretch of the imagination that I deserve with my family ... I have the most awesome husband, wonderful daughter & son-in-law, and of course my adorable grandchildren ... some situations come with prayer requests ... some with cute stories ... but I just love my family (and not just those living under our same roof, but I include ALL of my family).
  • I love to read comments --- my reaction is "WOW somebody actually read (or at least glanced at) what I posted!!!"
  • I also love looking at pictures --- some people I haven't seen for many many years, so it's good to see their families of today (some of us are grandparents now, so the pics of grandchildren are always nice to see -- while some still have younger children & it's good to keep up with them as well) ... and of course I LOVE looking at pictures posted by my family of our childhood days.
  • I love reconnecting with friends who I grew up with & haven't seen in a long time --- with friends of today as we go through each of our days with busy agendas & commitments and sometimes just do not see each other face to face very often --- with friends I have yet to meet in person but have developed a close friendship with in our online communities.
  • And I love just being able to stay in touch --- whatever the circumstance ... whatever the occasion ... whatever is happening in our lives at the time --- Facebook has provided a means of simply staying in touch.
Now, there's many reasons why others are on Facebook --- 
keeping in touch ... highlighting prayer needs ... promoting various aspects (people, businesses, products, etc) -- which I do too.   My homepage is filled with friends' sharing pictures/updates on their families, sharing inspirational pictures & verses/quotes, cute little quips that may or may not have a moral message, recipes, games (which I could do without, but I simply do not play them), some tributes to loved ones who have passed this life on earth.  

A wide array of everyday life is found on my Facebook homepage.  But there's one aspect of Facebook that this Granny always ("tries to" anyway) keeps in mind {this is a lesson that my Granny instilled in her children & her grandchildren} --- 

whatever you say, make sure you can put it in writing & sign your name to it

Once I make a post (status, comment, "like", etc) ... it is forever documented for the world to see & read.  I've heard some people refute this by saying:

I really don't care what people think of me, this is just how I feel
No one else can see it except for them & their friends
Well, I just send private messages so no one else will see what I write

However "valid" these reasonings may be, social media has provided an electronic signature that will keep words written forever.  Once we push that "send" button, it's documented & those words cannot be retracted.  'Well, but if I hit the "delete" button it will go away' ... That may be true ... but only to a certain extent.  I am still responsible to a Higher Authority than any Facebook notifications, administrations or privacy settings.
I believe that one day I will stand accountable in front of God for everything I posted on any social media site. I can "justify" ... I can "reason" ... I can simply make up any excuse I want ---
but I am still responsible
There's many aspects of Facebook that I can simply do without.  But I enjoy connecting & reconnecting ... remembering & sharing ... I simply enjoy seeing my Facebook family & friends.  And I try to remember my Granny's words of wisdom of signing my name.  However in our world of social media & Internet technology, we really don't have to literally "sign our name" ... it's already been done for us.

Facebook & other social media can actually be a positive aspect in each of our lives ... 

it's just simply all in how we use it.


Doris said...

I'm glad you stayed. I didn't say anything about you ending FB because I knew you had your reasons or you wouldn't be considering ending it. I do love FB, I keep in touch with my siblings who live far away and with so many people from the past. If I don't care for what some friends post, I delete it and may hide them altogether.

Again, I'm so thrilled you stayed! Love being in touch with a new friend whom I have yet to meet =)

Granny said...

I've really enjoyed connecting with you, too on FB, Doris. It can be such a positive venue to stay connected with family & friends ... and getting to know new friends ... I'm glad I'm staying on it too :)