Wednesday, March 6, 2013

51 Reasons ...

March 9th is one of my all-time favorite days of the year.  
It became one of my favorites even before I came into this world.  
Because on March 9, 1962 ... 
my future husband made his grand entrance into the world.  

So, in honor of his birthday, here are 51 reasons why he is my heart-keeper ...
no certain order to the reasons ...
so, here goes ...

He is a man who loves God with all his heart

He loves me

He is a wonderful husband, Daddy, Grandad and father-in-law

He has always been a "hands-on" Daddy  & Grandad

He is dependable

He is a man of integrity

He is kind & compassionate to everyone

He is my calm in any & every storm

He has allowed God to shape him from the boy I married into the man he is today

He has a sense of humor & uses it quite often

He studies God Word & applies it to his life

He chose me to walk beside him in life

 He is a hard worker & provides for his family

He is a bottom-line guy -- what's the end result

He is ever so patient -- not only with me but with others who know him
(his employees tell me how patient he is even during his busy season)

He doesn't let little things get to him

He reminds me everyday that I'm beautiful in his eyes

He opens doors for me

He laughs & cries

He is hero to our grandchildren

He puts God first in his life

He has a smile that still melts my heart

He smiles with his eyes

He is trustworthy

He adjusts his work schedule to make time to be at home for our grandchildren

He asks me for my opinion

He is generous to God and to others

He encouraged me & supported me in going back to college after being out for 11 years

He tells me & shows me everyday that he loves me

Even if it's my mess-up, he always says that it's "our" mess up because 
"we're in this together"

He hugs & kisses me everyday

He is never too busy when I need to talk to him during the day

He never complains

He reminds me to play "The Glad Game" when I feel down

He is well-respected in our family, church, community, business community

His definition of "vacation" is taking our family to Disney World & going non-stop

He is reasonable ... doesn't think that it's his way or no way ... he listens to suggestions

He is WYSIWYG ... what you see is what you get ... he is the most non-pretentious person I've ever known

He still remembers our date-iversary ... Sept 24, 1983

He remembers our anniversary ... May 16, 1984 ... the date he eloped with me

He still makes me feel like a 19 yr old

He always consults me when we have decisions to make ... whether financial, home, business, or anything

He wants to spend time with me

He enjoys spending time & playing with our grandchildren

He is my hero

He writes songs for me

He has laugh-lines

He still holds my hand

He asked me out for a second date 
He comforts me when I'm down ... texts me throughout the day, calls me, emails me ... and holding me

He has called me "Sweetheart" for 29 years

These are ONLY 51 reasons why I love my husband & wish him a 
wonderfully Happy Birthday.  
I have been honored to share our past 29 birthdays with him ... 
and I look forward to sharing our upcoming 29 birthdays with him, too.

From the little boy to the man ...

I'm over-the-moon that he chose me to walk through life with ...
as his wife ...
as his girl ...
as his Sweetheart.




Doris said...

You have a keeper, my friend! What an awesome post.
Enjoy your day, Susan....Blessings!

Granny said...

He is definitely special,Doris ... even took time to go to my uncle's funeral with me (several hours away from us) in the midst of his very busy season. I am blessed.