Saturday, March 2, 2013

Again, It's All About Relationships

I know I sound like a broken record (yeah, I'm showing my age) ... but this week I've been reminded just how important relationships are in our lives.  My Granny lived each day of her life (80 years) being the role model to everybody who knew her or knew of her.  One attribute of hers was how much she valued relationships.  She was one of the most well-respected people in our community ... she never was a stranger to anybody ... she loved people. 

I've written in the past on how my husband and I were determined to grow our family relationships even after we moved long distance from "home" with our little baby girl.  It was important to us that she knew her family even though we lived 7 hours away from them.  And these relationships have grown throughout the generations.  

This week has been a challenging week for all of our family.  My uncle (my Mother's only brother) had a massive stroke last Saturday morning (February 24th).  It's been touch & go with several other of his health problems.  My cousins & I have called each other & sent text messages multiple times a day ... they are keeping me along with my Mother & my sister informed of any changes for the good or bad.  Our hearts are with our family during this time ... especially my uncle. 

I've thought so much about family & relationships this week.  "Family" doesn't mean that everyone sees eye to eye all the time ... or that everyone is always soft-spoken to each other ... or that we keep track of whose turn it is to call or text or write ... "Family" doesn't keep score.  When I think of "family", I think of dependability -- knowing that in whatever situation I may be in, my family will be there for me ... no matter what.  I think of acceptance -- they may not always agree with my decisions or how I do things, but they can speak their mind to me and accept me for me.  I think of home -- although I may live several hours away from most of my family, they are always in my heart and always considered "home" to me.

I'm so thankful to God Almighty for giving me my family.  I know I've said it so much, but I really do believe I had a privileged childhood -- growing up with my Granny, aunts, uncles & cousins all around me.  We grew up with a different concept of what "immediate family" means.  I can't speak for everyone in my family, but to me "immediate family" means not only my husband, my daughter & her family, my parents, my sister & her family ... BUT ALSO my aunts, uncles & cousins.  And I'm so very thankful to still have the closeness with them although we are hours apart.  

Please keep my uncle in your prayers.  And my aunt and cousins as they process every doctors' assessment and all of their upcoming decisions concerning my uncle.  We followers of Jesus Christ know that Almighty God is always in control ... He is The Great Physician & our Comforter ... He is our Hope & Peace.

I truly love my family & the relationships we've nurtured throughout our years.  When it gets down to it, 
life isn't about "keeping score" ... 

it's all about relationships.

This picture was taken probably Christmas 1988 ... my parents (last 2 on right) and my aunts & uncles.   My Mother is standing in between her brother and my Daddy. My Mother's second oldest sister & husband are not in this picture. 

Relationships ... 

the thing life is made of. 

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Doris said...

You are so correct! I'm not in touch with many of my cousins (I have so many, some are on FB which helps). My sibs and their children work hard to stay in touch. Again, FB helps since we are scattered all over the USA and the world- Egypt and Sweden. I do love my family!
Wishing you a blessed Sunday! Prayers for your Uncle and his dear family. God is in control :)