Wednesday, January 7, 2015

40 Year Redemption

I've tried to write a new year's post for the past several days, but for some a reason I kept putting it off with some pretty good excuses
(at least to me) --- too tired, too cold, too much going on ... and then ... well -- I will get to "their story" in a little bit.  But first, I want to share the links of 2 of my posts from last March.  Dan & I were heading toward our 30th anniversary, and I shared a bit about how we got to 30.  It wasn't the fairytale that either of us had expected when we eloped on May 16, 1984 ... but it's our story ... our road to redemption: 
In these posts I quoted a song by Mark Schultz Love Walked In ... beautiful song that brings the relevance of God into our everyday lives.  There's a second verse to this very song that is being lived and breathed as I write this post -- with a couple exceptions ... his wife of nearly 40 years has never left his side and neither has his step-daughter or numerous friends --- just his only child ...
All alone in a cold, white room
They've only given him a week or two
And it's no surprise nobody calls
All he's got is regret and tears
He hasn't spoken to his kids in years
But he just heard his daughter in the hall

So many times tears have come to his eyes as he recalled when the rift began ...
and then the escalation ... and then finally --- no words, no calls, no visits ... nothing.
The details of this rift are of no importance now ... words were exchanged and feelings hurt ...
and the rift grew.
Leaving a hurt father with no communication with his only child ...
grandchildren who were torn between parent and grandparent ...
great-grandchildren who never knew their great-grandfather.

Until now ... some 40 years later ... at his side preparing for his last breath ...

redemption ...

redeeming the rift
   redeeming lost time
redeeming their relationship

Redemption is beautiful --

{even 40 years later}
{{ESPECIALLY 40 years later}}

And it's the greatest story ever told
That when it looked like there was no hope

Love walked in through the door
Face to face with brokenness
Said, "It's still worth dying for."
Met the world with a kiss
Walls fell down when Love walked in


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