Monday, December 29, 2014

Our {Non} Traditional Christmas

Christmas week was a busy one for Dan at the office -- client meetings, tax planning, transitions ... all rolled into 2 1/2 workdays.  And the last few days of 2014 will be busier than ever with only a couple of shorter days to do more year-end planning with more clients.  So, it seems pretty natural that our Christmas week would end up a little non-traditional ...
Christmas Eve was just the 2 of us --- so we went out for a nice early evening dinner at
Brio Tuscan Grille then on to Christmas Eve service at church. What an amazing service! We've always loved Christmas Eve services ... preparing our hearts for the Baby of Hope and the reason why He came.
And for the first time in their little history, Lucy & Tag woke up on Christmas morning in their own new home ... and of course Granny & Grandad were on the road to their house before 6am!

 After presents and after our Christmas lunch -- family pictures ...

Never ... ever a dull moment in our household!
On Friday, the four of them came back down to our house for the weekend. We were supposed to celebrate Christmas with my parents on Friday, but unfortunately they were very sick -- Mother is still recovering from her dose of the flu.  Not sure when we will all get together, but these 2 little ones sure missed their Great Ones! I love to see all of them together ... and we all look forward to sharing Christmas soon with them! 
But, Lucy had another surprise for Saturday afternoon ... we gave her & her parents tickets to see
The Nutcracker at one of the city's newly renovated theaters!
And while they were enjoying this world-renowned ballet ... Tag had an afternoon outing with his grandparents.  Dan & I took him downtown to see the display of reindeer (which are lit up at night).  He had such a great time (even in the afternoon) -- as did his grandparents!

 No matter where we celebrate
no matter when we celebrate
Jesus came to give us a relationship with Him
{so perhaps that's one of the reasons why our family relationships are so important to us}
I'm not sure when I will have the chance to post again ...
but Dan & I want to wish you all a healthy and

Happy New Year 

Thanks for stopping by to share our Christmas with us ~~~
May God bless you & your families, dear friends!

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Theresa said...

I pray all of the sick feel better really soon and you all can get together! Enjoy you New Year's Eve and Day! Ours will be quiet and that is just fine with me:) HUGS!