Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why I'm "Granny"

In February 2008, my husband & I learned that we were going to be grandparents!  To say that we were excited would be an understatement -- we were completely over-the-moon ... and already in love with our first grandchild!!!  Soon after our daughter shared the "grandparenting" news with us, Dan & I began thinking of names that we would like our grandchild to call us.  For him it was pretty easy -- and our daughter offered the suggestion -- "Grandad".  Yes, being "Grandad" suited my husband perfectly!  And he still grins from ear to ear to hear his grandchildren say "Grandad" (he completely melts for these 2 little angels-on-earth we call our "grands").  But, for me it was a little bit different.  Names were presented to me, but I just really didn't "take" to any of them.
I knew then that only one name really suited me.

You see, my "grandparenting" moment did not begin with the announcement from our daughter.  My moment began at my birth on August 24, 1964 ... no, I take even that back.  My "Granny" moment began on January 11, 1906 ... at the birth of my Granny.

To say that she was an extraordinary woman would be the understatement of a lifetime.  I can't even choose just one word to describe her ... 
Granny was the WYSIWYG of our family -- "what you see is what you get" -- 
So many people talk about being "authentic" ... well, that was my Granny.  

My parents & I lived with my Granny until I began the 2nd grade.  Then we just moved up on the hill from her, so I still spent many many nights walking down the hill to stay with Granny.  You know, I've learned over the years that God never does anything by chance or by accident.  I firmly believe that my childhood of living with my Granny actually prepared me for my grandchildren who live with me.  
Coincidence?  Not at all.  
It's all God.

So, here's a little glimpse of who my Granny was ...

She loved God and she loved her family. 
She loved having her grandkids all around her.  
She was a hard-worker and never complained about anything.  
She was a pillar in our small community.  
She kept her word.  
She never met a stranger.  
She always helped anybody who needed anything no matter what time of day or night. 
She loved life and she loved learning.  
She didn't have to be right but she knew when to speak her mind.  
She enjoyed sitting on her back porch swing and talking of days gone by.  
She respected everyone -- yes, even the young people.
She loved people.  
She loved to laugh but she would cry of heartbreak.  
1986:  Granny with my daughter -- her first great-granddaughter

1964 -- several months before I was born

We always loved to celebrate Granny's birthdays

One of our family vacations in the '60s

Having fun with her daughters & granddaughter

One of my favorite pictures of my Granny

I believe that I can speak for my cousins in that all of us can say that we lived a privileged childhood ... we were all very close -- age, proximity & relationship-wise.  And although some of us have moved away from "back home", our relationships are still close.  That's what our Granny instilled in each of us.
 And we all are thankful for our closeness even now.

There are numerous fond memories & comments of my Granny from our life-long friends.  Everyone who knew Granny ... loved her.  She was just that type of person.  And her legacy lives on.  My Granny was "Lucy" ... and my granddaughter is "Lucy".  Not only in name, but I do see the beginnings of another wonderful person even at this young age.  I believe my Granny would be honored at her namesake.    

I know that I could never live up to what my Granny meant to our family and 
to her grandchildren.  But I pray daily that God will guide my words, actions and thoughts so that one day my grandchildren will tell their future generations about their Granny.

My prayer ...

Dear Lord,  I cannot begin to thank You enough for my Granny.  The values she instilled in her family & our community will forever live for generations to come.  I'm asking You today and everyday to direct everything I do, say and think to first of all bring honor & glory to You.  Guide me daily to become the woman You have intended me to be ... in all aspects of my life.  Lord, above all, lead me in Your light to be the Granny to Lucy & Tag that I need to be.  Day by day, moment by moment ... showing them Your love and Your promises.  Help me to be the living proof of the importance of our relationships so that my grandchildren will carry this through to the generations that follow them.  Thank You, dear Lord, for giving me the responsibility as well as the privilege of being "Granny" ... 
may my words, my actions and my thoughts always be directed to You.
For it's in Your Loving Name I pray ...

Missing some family in this pic, but these were happy times at my Granny's.

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