Sunday, November 24, 2013

My November of Thanks ... One Word

Is it just me or does the month of November seem to be passing by at break-neck speed?  Oh my -- what a very busy month we've had around our household.  I've been reading through my Facebook newsfeed and blog roll as some of my friends have been participating in giving thanks every day this month for something in their lives.  I had every intention of doing this myself, but ... well, sometimes there's just not enough minutes in a day.

But, I've been really giving my thankfulness some deep thought. Yes, I'm thankful for my husband, my grandbabies, my family ... I'm most thankful for God sending His Only Son to come to earth die for my sins.  It almost seems sacrilegious for me to want to dig a little deeper.  But I wanted to ...

So I asked myself "what more? ... if I could be thankful for just ONE thing --?"


(Yeah ... that's what I thought at first too.)

Choices???  Why on this earth would I be thankful for just choices????

And that's when I began to break it all down ... 
and to reflect on that one word ... 
and to be thankful for choices.

So, I decided to make somewhat of a list of just a few things that I am thankful that 
no one else can decide for me:
  • No one else can decide the clothes I wear everyday (although I have been known to get opinions from others, it is always my choice)
  • No one else can decide how much hairspray I use (although Dan has told me that we may need a separate line item in our monthly budget -- that's supposed to be a little "haha" moment)
  • No one else can decide how I use my time during the day (although there's certain things I need to get accomplished for my family, I get to decide my priorities)
  • No one else can decide my attitude .......... oh my .......... I'm actually thankful for this?  Yes ... yes I am.  And here's why --- 

No matter what the day brings ---
I have Jesus

No matter what the circumstance ---
I have Jesus

No matter --- no matter --- no matter ---
I always have Jesus

And for Him ...
I am always thankful

And for Him ...
I have choices that I am in control

And for Him ...
I don't have to be perfect
because I'm forgiven

So yes, I am thankful for choices this Thanksgiving ... and always.  Keeping the things that are of this earth in perspective with the things of eternity -- well, that's the key in my choice of my attitude.  And my attitude is basically one of the few choices I actually control on this earth.  A book I read long ago summed this concept up the best as 
"I can't control every aspect that comes my way in life, 
but the one thing I can control is my attitude" 

And my thankfulness for my choices goes for many more days and months than our Thanksgiving holiday in November ... 

I am always thankful that God has given me full control of my attitude -- 
not even close to a perfect attitude ... but an attitude that I always have a second chance to adjust and look to the One who has given me the choice to begin with.  
For now {and always} ... 
may my focus be on a heart filled with the attitude of gratitude. 

From Granny & Grandad 
along with Lucy & Tag ...

May you & your family have a wonderfully blessed
Happy Thanksgiving
filled with the attitude of gratitude for all that our 
Heavenly Father has given

(And even grateful for the choices we are given)

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Sheila Atchley said...

Joining you in gratitude for choices. Truly, an amazing thing to consider. Thank you for helping me to think about it...