Monday, November 4, 2013

30 By Our 30th ... Yes I Can!

After making every excuse in my head for the past 2 weeks, I returned to the gym this morning.  
My 82 year old war veteran "trainer" thought I had either disappeared or moved across country!  No, no ... just excuses --- I could elaborate and divulge some of my reasons  excuses ... but I won't.  Just suffice it to say that I returned this morning to owning my responsibility to my own health --
no more excuses.

Yes, I know ... why "pay" for a gym membership when we could save that money for other things?  Well, this Granny has made MORE excuses for not exercising at home than I have for not going to the gym.  
(Yeah -- I'm pretty much the Queen of Excuses)

And it occurred to me this morning as I was finishing up on the treadmill that I actually had a goal a few months ago that I simply did not reach -- for whatever excuse I can come up with.  So, for the first time, I am making a public goal and I plan to stick with it.  If any of my readers want to join me, just let me know -- you can even comment on this post & tell me that you want it unpublished
 & I will respect that. We can still be in this thing silently together.  
So, here's my thought process ...

There's 28 more weeks until mine & my husband's 30th anniversary (May 16) ...
My goal is to lose 30 lbs by our anniversary ...
Just over a pound a week ...
I can do it.

Healthier ...
More energy ...
Better focus ...

 Not to deprive myself because that always sets me up for failure -- 
moderation is where I can see better results.

Anybody else want to come along on this journey?  
No, I'm not posting my current weight nor will I post my goal weight.  
Maybe I should, but that's just not me.  
We can keep those numbers to ourselves yet still be there to encourage & support each other 
on our healthier journey!

(yes, even get healthier & lose a bit of weight in the process)

{{{ PS ........ The clock has ticked away many many MANY minutes since I completed this post ---- wonder if I have the nerve to hit the "publish" button???? }}}



Doris said...

Oh, girl, you are brave, indeed! I do need to lose some weight (a LOT of weight) but going to a gym has not happened since I quit working. Maybe I should think about finding are an encouragement to do so. Now, to find the time.... excuses!
Bless you!

Granny said...

Oh Doris! I don't know whether I'm brave or just setting myself up :::sigh:::
I really need to stay on track "this time around" .... so hopefully with my public confession -- I will do it this time :)
....... I'm determined though!