Thursday, June 14, 2012

Prayers for the Long-Haul

It's been almost 4 months since 'Joe's injuries from the explosion.  He's been away from hospital settings only two times since Feb 20th ... once for a family weekend at the beach, and then to come home for Memorial weekend.  And now, we are about to embark on the next phase on the Wounded Warrior Family journey ... 
next month should see the 'Joe family coming home.

Although he will be home, 'Joe will continue his rehabilitation for possibly another year (or longer) --- just somewhere in our home vicinity.  As I look toward this next phase of "unknowns", it's come to my mind that Wounded Warrior families are in need of long term prayer.  Scars may not be so visible on the outside.  For instance, just last week some of the shrapnel that had embedded in 'Joe's leg worked its way to the surface ... and this past Monday he was told that he doesn't need another surgery on his jaw (that was reconstructed with a titanium plate) -- at least not at this point. 

So as you pray, please remember the long term prayers for our Wounded Warriors & their families.  Here's just a few areas that prayer is appreciated:

strength  (the quality or state of being strong) ... physical, mental, emotional
courage (mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and 
withstand danger, fear, or difficulty)
determination  (the act of deciding definitely and firmly)
patience (steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity)

Each phase of the wounded warrior's process of moving forward will come with new challenges as well as new blessings.  Our family is looking forward to facing what lies ahead on this unknown journey. Yes we are very thankful for God sparing 'Joe's life, limbs, brain, etc.  Yet, there are still hurdles that we will come upon and roads that we will travel that we just have no idea what they'll bring.  

Our strength to move forward

But, we do know that God will carry 'Joe and his family throughout this next chapter of their lives ... 
Grandad & Granny will walk beside them on their journey ...

 Because it's an honor to serve alongside of this Wounded Warrior Family.


Doris said...

Remembering you all in my prayers. Thanks for giving me specifics!

My 2nd daughter was in a seious boating accident 14 years ago. I know what it is to walk beside a hurt (wounded) loved one. Though my daughter will never walk again, we were so blessed that she did not suffer a brain injury.

Blessings to you and your family!

Granny said...

Thank you for your continued prayers, and for sharing about your daughter, Doris. We will definitely be praying for her and your family. It truly is a "family affair" when it comes to traveling the journey with a wounded/hurt loved one. Please let me know if there is any specifics that we can pray for ... email me anytime!

And yes, we all look for the *blessings* with each situation -- "Pollyanna" has been a role model in our household since I was a little girl :)

God bless you, my friend!