Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Two Guys ~~~ Happy 4 Months!

I am one very blessed woman ... a wonderful husband and a wonderful grandson.
Ahhhhhhh, blessed indeed.

Just hours after Grandad held Mommy's hand to welcome Tag into our world.

The bond between my two guys seems like was always there ...
just waiting on God's perfect timing.

Tag & his Grandad ... the family heritage continues.

Today marks 4 months since Thomas Alexander came into our world ... 
and what a 4 months this has been!

Grandad "introducing" Tag to the beach.

One thing for sure, though ...
My 2 guys share a special bond that will grow stronger with each passing day. 

Enjoying their visit together at the Fisher House.

My little guy looks up to his Grandad & will one day hopefully say 
"I want to be like my Grandad" ... 

Love my guys!

Yes, I am a blessed woman with my guys ... 

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