Saturday, June 2, 2012

Roses, Roses ... Roses Everywhere

Along our front walkway

Beautiful blooms  

A couple of years ago, 'Joe helped us with landscaping around the house.  He enjoys the planning, drawings, envisioning ...

And then the culmination.

Our backyard haven

Grandad & I had gotten this rose bush for Mrs. 'Joe on her "first" Mother's Day when she was still pregnant with Lucy.

The bush had all but died out, then 'Joe brought it back to life. Look at it now!

Sunroom blast

This was the rose bush that 'Joe had bought to "replace" the one in our backyard.  And now look!  Grandad had wanted to trim it back for our Memorial Day celebration with the 'Joe family ... 

but he just didn't have the heart to cut on it all. We know we need to, but this is just incredible!

Just a little tidbit that we've learned over the past years with our roses ... 

thorns do not detract the deer!!!

Our smaller bushes along our front walkway are testament that deer will eat the blooms.  Not sure how they get around the thorns, but they keep coming around for more.  And if Granny can get her camera ready in the evenings, I'll probably catch them in the act.  


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