Monday, February 6, 2012

Will He ...? (Ever Come?????)

Will Little Disney Boy look like his big sister?  
Will he reach for his Mommy to shelter & protect him?  
Will his toes tickle when we play with him? 
Will he hear our voices and know he's safe in this big giant world?
Will he open his eyes to look at his Grandad as his big sister did when she was a day old?  
Will he snuggle with his Granny and fall asleep on her shoulder as his big sister did? 
Will he be ready to meet his Daddy?
Will his eyes be brown ... blue ... green ... hazel ... gray?
Will his hair be blonde ... brown ... black ... red?  

So many questions this Granny has --- only one little baby boy can answer them.
So many waiting to meet his arrival --- only one little baby boy has his own timing.

All of us are ready to meet you, Little Disney Boy.  
You're pretty much stuck with us now.  
Today would be an excellent day to welcome you to our little corner of the world.
We're waiting ... 
and waiting ... 
and waiting ...

Here's a little glimpse at your big sister Lucy & your Grandad putting your bassinet together, Little Boy.  You're going to have so much fun with these two people ~~~ so, it's all your timing now (well, yes, of course God's timing:) ...

Hoping my next post will be to announce the arrival of our little grandson.  
Yes, Granny's so excited!!!!! 

So come on, Little Disney Boy ...
Granny can't wait much longer!!! 


Oklahoma Granny said...

I know how hard it is to wait on a little one. I hope he comes soon! He'll be the best little Valentine ever for your family.

Granny said...

Thank you Oklahoma Granny! He's definitely keeping us guessing now -- he was so anxious for a while, but now he seems a bit too comfy:) Hoping the next post will be to introduce the little guy!