Friday, February 24, 2012

The Wonders of Prayer

Oh what a week this has been ... the Monday morning phone call that our daughter's soldier had been in what the military calls "an accident".  We civilians would call it an "explosion" ... not a rock, not a grenade,
but a mortar attack.
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The explosion was on Monday ... February 20 ... 'Joe's birthday.

Praising God that "it could have been worse" ... shrapnel wounds, broken jaw, deep leg wounds, banged up ... but to a young Mommy of a 3 yr old & a newborn (Tag was beginning his 11th day in our world when the phone occurred), this is still devastating to digest.
Yes she's thankful that "it could have been worse" ... but it's still bad. 
And until she can see him ...
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After a tremendously long week of numerous phone calls, text messages, emails, private messages, etc ... we made it to Friday.  Through God's grace & all the prayers lifted up ... they will continue to walk the path that God has laid out for them.

We are awaiting word as to when 'Joe will be arriving stateside.  There's still numerous unknowns that they will face in the future.  But with God's unending grace ... and the prayers of family & friends ...
we made it to Friday.

So, a special "THANK YOU" to those of you who have prayed, who have encouraged our beautiful daughter, who have encouraged me.  Please continue to pray as we (their family) walks alongside of them to lift their arms through this next chapter of their lives. 

Below is a song in which I put this caption on my Facebook page this morning along with this video:

For the first time this week, God put a song on my heart & in my head ... No better song than "He Will Carry Me" and not better artist than Mark Schultz. And no better promise than to know that He indeed does carry us through our trials & challenges in life.

Thank you once again for lifting up our soldier, our daughter & our grandchildren. 
 May God continue to bless you & your families.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Continuing to hold all of you in my prayers. May God's peace surround you as you await 'Joe's return home.