Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Bragging Rights (And A 'Joe Update)

First of all ... Thank you all for your prayers for G I Joe (click here to read about the explosion he was involved in).  After traveling half-way around the world and making a couple of lay-overs along the way, we are thankful to say that he is stateside now!  Numerous surgeries on his leg and his shattered jaw ... but *hopefully* and *prayerfully* yesterday was the last of him meeting the OR ... we pray that it was the last.  Although unsure of the length of rehab, we pray that he will be able to come home soon.  This past Sunday was a momentous day ... Lucy saw her Daddy for the first time in months & Tag met his Daddy for the first time. Oh how thankful we all are the God spared 'Joe's life. 

Well, now Granny can brag a bit more ... on my grands :)  A picture's worth a thousand words ... well, here's a few thousand words ...

Lucy loves getting Tag to sleep
Waiting to see Daddy for the 1st time since the accident
Lucy loves going to G-G & Grandpa's
Tag loves sleeping
Lucy holding her little brother for the 1st time

Yes ... Granny & Grandad are hopeless ... we're lost in our grands ... and will never be the same.


Oklahoma Granny said...

So happy to hear that 'Joe is state side! Lucy and Tag are just plain adorable!

Sheila Atchley said...

OOOOOOH, Tag is SO SO CUTE!!! :-) :-)

Still praying for your GI Joe. And for his wife and beautiful babies.

And for Granny and Grandpa - that your strength does not fail you in this intense season of being so needed in your grandchildren's (and children's) lives.

You and Dan are special people!