Monday, December 12, 2011

Time Flying By ... and Disney Baby Boy Update

I'm having a hard time believing we're less than TWO weeks from Christmas ~~~  where has
 the year 2011 gone?  Didn't we just give thanks to God for His blessings ... wasn't Thanksgiving just yesterday? It seems like the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas pass by faster and faster.  Yes, each day has the same 24 hours but for "some reasons" these past weeks have flown by (at least to Granny).  

So, I'm sitting here this morning try to grasp "what have I done over the past couple of weeks ... where has the time gone ... how am I going to get everything done for Christmas in less than 2 weeks?"  

The first two questions can be answered together.  (I'm still trying to figure out the second answer.)  You know the old saying "time flies when you're having fun" ... well, this is where my time has been spent over the past couple of weeks:

Family room Christmas tree

This is our family room Christmas tree ... 
the one Santa finds on Christmas Eve. 
Mr & Mrs GI Joe were married in front of this tree on Christmas Eve 2005.  We've put it in our family room every year since.

Santa's cutest elf

More decorating with Santa's elf ... oh, how cute this little one is!  She has her "Santa's Little Helper" elf ears on & had a blast wrapping up in her silver garland ... and Grandad was in the background holding her giggly attention!

We have some of the best Christmas lights downtown ... so there's at least one trip a year to see how beautiful the city is decorated.  
And Lucy LOVES the lights!

I think Lucy wanted to take this giant nutcracker home.  Her Daddy collects them, so we try to get him one every year ...

or I should say LUCY collects them ... (she's taken over Daddy's collection now).

Yes, her little wheels were turning as to how we would fit this nutcracker on top of Grandad's truck.

Doesn't Lucy make the cutest center of this wreath?  This was actually in the walkway between buildings.  She loved the wreath & looking over the enclosure to see all the lit-up deer (which she informed me is NOT reindeer ... only Santa has reindeer to pull his sleigh).

 "It's not Good-bye ... just see you later.  I promise I'll be back to see you soon!"

So, we've had a little bit of Christmas already going on in our household.  And I haven't even gotten to our baking parties yet!  I'll save those pictures for another post.  

But now, some Disney-Baby boy news ... 

He's so anxious to make his appearance and enter into our "fun & exciting" household, that he gave us all a big scare over the weekend.  Mrs 'Joe had some complications Saturday night that landed her in Labor & Delivery at the hospital.  Not sure the "whys" but this little guy really wants to come into our world sooner than he should.  Please keep Disney boy in your prayers that he will stay-put for a little bit longer (she's 30 weeks along now), and for Mommy to get some much needed rest before he makes his grand entrance.  And for Daddy who is in and out on assignments (it's a challenge to be away from his wife and daughter during this time ... and now with his son on his little way to rock our world).  

And last but certainly not least ... for Lucy.  This is an unusual Christmas for this little 3 year old.  Yes, children adapt and go along with the flow ... but they do have feelings & adjustments that are very real.  Afterall, God made them flesh and blood with emotions just like we adults have grown from our youngest days.  She is a wonder of fun & enthusiasm ... and knows the TRUE MEANING of Christmas.  Lucy talked non-stop Sunday about how the angels told the shepherd to follow the star to Bethlehem to find Baby Jesus.  
Yes, children pay attention so much more than what we realize.

I hope each of you follow the Wonderment of Christmas as a child ...  


Oklahoma Granny said...

We have Mickey & Minnie Mouse Christmas decorations just like yours. I'll be keeping your new little one and all the family in my prayers.

Granny said...

Hi Oklahoma Granny! Thank you for your prayers for our little grandson. We are praying for just a few more weeks for him to get healthier, then he can make his grand entrance. I think he may want in on some of the Mickey & Minnie Christmas action this year :)