Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Future

With Christmas 2011 drawn to a close, we now look ahead to the beginning of a new year ... the year 2012.  We had a wonderful Christmas at our house this year.  My parents, my sister & her family and all of us.  
Lots of presents and lots of food 
(which of course included G-G's mash-a-tatoes) ...
lots of laughter and lots of eating ... 
lots of wrapping paper and lots of "thank you's".  
It's always good to see everyone having a great time together.  

So this Christmas actually leads into Christmas Future ... 
our kids, grandchildren, niece & nephew ... and traditions.  
Just as I reflect on Christmases of the past, so will my daughter, grandchildren and my sister's children.  There's been other Christmases that everyone has gathered at our house, so our tradition of gathering at my parents' house isn't set in stone (depending on what life event is in family lives at the time).  And this Christmas saw Mrs. 'Joe on complete bed-rest for the next several weeks.  So, everyone came to us.

We opened presents before we ate Christmas dinner, and my nephew headed up the line to get a plate of food.  I love the fact that my family feels "at home" in my home.  I'm not saying anything against those who don't open up their kitchens.  But to me I feel like my family & friends are comfortable enough in my house to be themselves.  My Granny and my Mother always had an open kitchen ... everyone felt comfortable to go and get whatever they wanted at any time they wanted.  And I have their same kitchens.  

Since Christmas I've been wondering ... these kids are our Christmas Future.  They will keep some traditions, and file others away as "when I was younger, we would ______ at Christmas."  And some questions too, such as:  Will they go to church for Christmas Eve services?  Will they open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?  Will Santa be a welcomed visitor on Christmas morning?   
Two things I pray for ... (1) Our Savior Jesus Christ to be the center of Christmas; and (2) the tradition of family continues on for all of our kids.  

Of course, none of us knows what our futures will hold ... and being a military family brings its own set of uncertainties.  One thing that Grandad & I pray for future Christmases is that we will be close enough to continue our tradition of family.  Since Christmas Eve is also the 'Joe's wedding anniversary, Grandad & I have spent that day with Lucy while her parents would celebrate their marriage.  So, I can visualize this being a tradition for Christmas futures to come -- Christmas Eve with our granddaughter & grandson. 

I'm very thankful I can't see into the future.  But I'm thankful that God knows.  One thing for sure, though ... my family's Christmas Future is in goods hands ... 

Lucy with her cousins & her Mommy

I had debated on when to post Christmas Future.  Afterall, one of our "futures" hasn't yet made his grand entrance into our world.  However, we're pretty sure that Little Disney Boy is not going to stay put til February.  But he will undoubtedly add his own personality and gifts to our group of young kids.  
My family is blessed with our Christmas Futures ... for Him we are grateful.  


Kelli said...

Beautiful post!

Granny said...

Thank you, Kelli ... I'm glad you enjoyed it -- thank you for reading it.