Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Little Boy Granddad" in Pictures

One of my objectives for this blog has been to provide Lucy (and now Little Valentine) a glimpse into my younger days.  In an earlier post (click here to see ) I included a few pictures of me growing up at my Granny's house.  

Well, this post is one that I want to share a few pictures of the cutest little boy that I've ever seen.  Although I didn't know him in his younger years, I grew "quite fond" of him several years later.  We don't have very many pictures of this little boy, but I'm sure that Lucy and Little Valentine will enjoy seeing these pictures of their (as Lucy calls him) 
"Little Boy Granddad" ... 

I think he's around 1 yr old

I love this little smile!

Always smiling!

Awwww, so cute!
Singing at 2 yrs old

He started singing at a young age and uses his voice now to sing praises to our Lord & King.  (And he's even written some songs & recorded a couple of CDs for the family.)

God was molding and shaping this little boy even at his young age into the man of God that he is today.  I'm grateful that God brought him to my hometown during high school, and then saw that our paths would cross again during college.  

I'm very thankful for this "little boy" ... and the man he is today ... my husband.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

What a cutie! He had pinch-able cheeks too.