Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lucy is "Officially" Three Now

 We were so blessed on Saturday to have a sunny cool day to celebrate Lucy's 3rd birthday with family & friends.  Lucy's Papa & Nana S flew in for a long weekend (from several states away) to spend time with Lucy & her parents.  It was so good to have them up here & spend time with them.  And Lucy has them wrapped around her little finger just as she does us ... but isn't that what she's supposed to do?

The birthday Princess opening her gifts.

And the Princess cupcakes ... yummy :)

Lucy's birthday was actually Sept 23rd, and the day began at 6:45am with a little fist knocking on our bedroom door  
So, at 7am we all head out to a royal breakfast fit for a princess at Burger King ... Lucy was even ready for the downpour we would encounter outside ... but even the rain couldn't put a damper on her special day!
In her special Minnie Mouse nightgown & princess umbrella (and of course glass slippers)

Granddad came home early in the afternoon for a special birthday lunch at one of Lucy's favorite restaurants -- 
The Cheesecake Factory!

"Molly" & Lucy have a lot in common ... find out "what" in the American Girl series.

Granny's special birthday hug ... oh how I LOVE her hugs & smiles!

A special dessert just for Lucy :)  Our waitresses took special care of our princess.

And Granddad ALWAYS loves his hugs from his little princess :)

I never get tired of seeing this scene over & over again in our house.

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