Saturday, September 17, 2011

Top Tweets Today

For the first time in ages I took time to read Twitter today.  It seems that when I do get online lately, I quickly return emails, check Facebook, or make a quick post for the blog.  But this evening I wanted to get back to actually reading those I follow on Twitter.  Afterall, I do follow each of them for a reason -- they interest me.  

So, here are the top 10 tweets I read today ... Hope you enjoy!

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams -- John Barrymore 
(a retweet from Quotes 4 Writers)

Measure God's love for you by how much of himself he gives you to know and to enjoy, 
and what price he paid to give it.
(John Piper)
Better to build the future than fix the past. Only one can be done.
(Dan Rockwell - Leadership Freak)

Trials teach us what we are; they dig up the soil, and let us see what we are made of . 
Charles Spurgeon
(a retweet from The God Tweeter)
Laugh lines build character.
May all who search for you be filled with joy & gladness in you. May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, The Lord is great! Ps40
(Shelia Walsh)
Blessed are the PURE( free from discordant qualities) in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8 PTL the blood of Jesus purifies!
(Nicole C Mullen)
Simplify! If a live call will solve a problem quickly, don't email; DIAL & TALK.
(S Chris Edmonds)

On this Constitution Day, my prayer is that our Judges will put aside their own agendas and abide by their Oath to uphold The Constitution.
(Gene McVay)
"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity." - Joseph Addison
(a retweet from All Great Quotes)

And a couple of bonus tweets ...

I pledge allegiance to the flag ...
(Soldiers Angels)

What do you think was the #1 supreme moment in history? The day Jesus offered Himself as a substitute for all. 
(In Touch Ministries - Charles Stanley)

If you haven't gotten hooked on Twitter yet, I encourage you to check it out.  I "follow" who I want and get the headlines from news and organizations that I want. 

And I also get challenged and encouraged as well.  
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Oh and by the way, I'm JustGranny08 ... hope to follow your tweets soon!


Sassy Granny ... said...

I've not yet graduated to the Tweet Set. Between Blogsville and Facebook, I have about all the stimulation this granny can handle. I think.

Granny said...

I completely understand. Most days I've forgotten all about any tweets! But I'm a headline reader & love just to browse & see what will interest me enough to read. And then I just blame my daughter for getting me into social media ... hey, a Granny has to blame someone, right??? :)