Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Snow Effect

I'm really not a big fan of snow.  I grew up in rural West Virginia and remember many hard winters of snow...
 and more snow... and even more snow.
But, there is something peaceful and quiet after the storm.

Dan & I took these pictures this morning... after we attended our online church service since all physical church campuses were closed this morning.

The storm began Friday mid-morning... and continued all day Saturday.  Dan worked from his home office all weekend.

I do love our little corner of God's creation.  We are thankful that Dan has the ability to work from home when needed... tax season has no snow days!

Chili... hot chocolate... and praying our power stayed on through the storm.  And these views will be around for the next several weeks as the sun melts this white blanket during the day...
and the night freezes to slippery ice.

And this week we'll do our best to get Lucy from her house down to ours for her dance classes as they begin to learn their recital routines... oh yeah, their military base is still on emergency lockdown with only responders allowed to drive on post until roads are cleared.

But for now...
we enjoy His seasons
and our views...


Have a wonderful week, my friends!


Doris said...

Such beauty all around you! I'm always so glad for the sun to melt the snow but dread the drive at night when the melting turns to ice. We had the snow (so much of it....about 30 inches of the stuff) now let's have Spring!
God bless you, my friend!

Karen said...

These are lovely pictures. Reminds me of that Robert Frost poem. We had snow here, but now it's in the 60's! Yes!!