Thursday, January 21, 2016

No Two Are Alike

I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I last posted.  As much as I enjoy writing, it seems that life is hectic (and getting more-so since we've entered tax season)... and my mind is occupied with everything that is going on around me.  And so (even I as a Granny), I continue to learn and grow in the changing seasons of life.
We are preparing for this snow-storm that is heading east with its promise to make a total mess for several days.  I got Lucy back to her family safely this morning and then battled traffic back to our corner.  Everyone wanting to get to their destinations before the first flake falls.
We had a little system come through this past Sunday that made for an interesting drive to church.  I remember back to childhood days and growing up in the hills of West Virginia... snow was an annual event that came with winter.  We knew it would always come... we counted on school closings... and we welcomed being snowed-in for awhile.
I admit that as an adult, I really do not care for snow. However -- it is beautiful as it falls and covers the ground with the little white fluffy flakes that will never be like any other.
And that's mind-boggling to me...
no snowflakes are alike
God's wonder ... God's creation ... God's design
Just like each of us...
no humans are alike
we are God's wonder
we are God's creation
we are God's design

As I prepare for Dan to work from home this weekend and our household for the upcoming snow...
one thing I am preparing myself for ----
to remember that God made each snowflake with its own unique characteristics
just like He made each of His children with our own characteristics
Stay safe and stay warm, dear friends!

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Doris said...

It is pretty but I'm not a fan of little or big snow storms! Hasn't started here yet. No one needs to go anywhere tomorrow so we will look out and enjoy from the comfort of our home :)
Thanks for the reminder of God's awesomeness!
Take care, Susan. Stay safe!