Saturday, April 25, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last Friday this Granny went to her first MLB game! Now, I will admit that I'm really not a baseball fan ... well, not until about 3 years ago.  When our son-in-law was recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he was given the opportunity to go see the
 Washington Nationals on a few occasions.  Normally he's been able to get tickets for all 4 of them and the little ones always love the games! While at WRNMMC, he got 2 tickets and took Dan to a game on Father's Day 2012.
So, I was the only one in the family who had not been to a Nationals game ... until last Friday!  Dan & I had been to an out of state funeral and then went straight to the kids' house ... and on to see the Washington Nationals!

Lucy is a big fan ....

This girl may be petite, but she knows her Nationals ...
and Tag YUVS his Nationals!!!
(that's "loves" to you & me)

The 3rd inning was the military recognition ...
a special salute and recognition to our wounded warriors.  They gave each of us W ball caps and we waved them during the salute ...
this Granny really wasn't prepared to see our family along with the other wounded warrior families on the jumbotron. I wanted so much to take pictures, but I decided to stand with our wounded warrior family.

Oh yeah, and since it was my first ballgame, I had ask "a few" questions
 (I wink as I type that sentence) ...
Are you sure that we can go in and out of the Presidential Club anytime?
And all the food is completely free?
Is baseball really a big deal?
Am I dressed okay?
What will this  ball cap do to my hairspray?
Are you sure our seats behind home-plate are good?
*** Yes, Granny was at her best game that night***
(more winks)
Washington sports teams do honor our wounded warriors.  They provide a much needed outlet that gives warriors, caregivers & their children a special touch of being appreciated and a much needed reprieve from their new everyday "normal" (which is anything but normal). 
Last Friday morning the 'Joe's family schedule ...
Jacqueline was supposed to be in a caregiver meeting all day (8am to 4pm) and 'Joe had a couple of medical appointments starting early that morning. Dan & I were going to be at their house early to hang out with the grands all day.
However ... last minute change -- Jacqueline had to leave her meeting early, take 'Joe to Walter Reed for an appointment (before we could possibly get to their house) ... so they had to take the little ones with them.  Jacqueline got back for a little more of her meeting and we were able to spend some time with Lucy & Tag before we all left for the game in late afternoon.
So .... yes, we are so grateful to these sports teams who honor our wounded warriors & their caregivers and their children ...
because they deserve every moment of a little time away from their
 life-altered schedules.
Even Dan & I don't understand it all, but
when we see relief and smiles ...
when we hear the squeals and the cheers ...
well .....
we are proud to stand beside our kids.

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Theresa said...

What a wonderful time spent with family! I am thankful for our Military and the sacrifices they are making and have made for us! It is wonderful how the Nationals salute our Heroes and their families! Have a blessed Sunday dear friend, HUGS!