Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another "Thinking Tuesday" ... Legacy

Posting my "Thinking Tuesday" on Wednesday ...

We have been in a whirlwind -- but it does seem like that's the way our weeks go lately.  In a whirlwind.  Last week ... I spent a night with the kids & grands to help out while 'Joe had a new procedure ... tax season #31 came to an end for us ... Dan & I traveled to an out of state funeral for a close friend of his family ... from there we went straight back to the kids' house & to a MLB game that night ... then back to our house with Miss Lucy & her activities ... then she & I met her Momma & Tag Tuesday morning ... then another drive back home alone for me ...
yes ... whirlwind
{I'll post more on our time with our kids later}
As I was focused once again on traffic on my way home (my "thinking Tuesday") I had one main thought ...

What is the legacy that I will leave behind when God calls me Home? 
 I know, I know ... not really the warm & fuzzy topic that anyone would expect. But that was my thinking process as I kept a close eye on the fast moving traffic of the busy interstate.
So ... my thoughts ...

 Dan & I attended a funeral last week of a close family friend who was like Dan's second dad to Dan as a young boy.  Last Wednesday I had gotten home from spending the night at the kids' house ... Dan had just gotten home from their office end-of-tax-season-luncheon ... and we started traveling several hours on the road. Tired, but we both knew that he needed to be there for this funeral.  However ... it truly was not a funeral.  It was a celebration of the life of a dad, grandpa, brother, uncle, friend who had been called Home by his Creator. (Matter of fact, Dan commented as we started back on our journey that night "THAT is how I want my funeral")

Dan was able to see friends whom he hasn't seen in ages! 
And that was good.

He saw his first boss who had taken a chance on him over 30 years ago and gave Dan his first accounting job. They hadn't seen each other in about 27 years or so. This man is also the brother of the family friend celebrated that night.
And that was good.
 He was reunited with his close childhood friend who grew up as close as a brother. And Dan stood alongside of him as many musicians gathered to sing a closing song in honor of his friend's dad.
And that was good.

Several hometown friends came up to Dan & re-introduced themselves since they hadn't seen each other in many years. I was honored when he introduced me to them.  More than 30 years and I still melt when I hear him say "this is my wife".

It's easy to step back and look at the legacy of someone who has passed their earthly presence and who have gone to their heavenly home.  But what about the legacy that we have in our control to create for our future generations to remember?
What if we were intentional on creating that very legacy?
What if we were intentional in our everyday living while it is within our control?

I admit that I am far from the role model for this. I don't always make time to catch up with family & friends ... I certainly make mistakes ...
and I know that I cannot live up to most people's expectations of me.
However, I do believe that right now ... for this moment in time ...
I am simply

being where God needs me most

And so ... my point to my "thinking Tuesday" was this ...

live life in the center of God's will
and be where He needs me
{and you, my friend}
the most

And that will always be good




Karen said...

Yes, that's what my son encourages me with: live life in the center of God's will...and you will not have run the race in vain!

Theresa said...

Well said! I am sorry about the loss of this precious one! I know that while it was a sad time, it is always nice to reconnect with old friends! Have a blessed week dear friend, let's rest a little:) Sounds like you are busy, like me! HUGS!