Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our Family of Women-Folk

We've been having a very hectic schedule for the past few weeks.  Our son-in-law is in the middle of appointments with the VA which will eventually lead to his military medical retirement (well, after possible months of review-time) ... I've been back & forth between our two houses to hang out with our grands during some of the appointments ... and we have an upcoming weekend of appointments, dance recital rehearsal & Mother's Day. All I can say is ...
except for God.

Even in the midst of the chaos & the hectic ... I get clear visions on the "how" it all gets done.  I know that God simply carries us through each moment.  Dan and I stand in complete awe of how our daughter carries the load everyday ... every single day.  'Joe's appointments -- Lucy's homeschooling -- Tag's preschool development -- caregiver meetings -- advocating for fair treatment
of wounded warriors & their families -- never-ending list.
 But ...
except for God.

You see, God knew the exact family and the exact lineage of women-folk that our daughter would need to come from.  And here's what I know of our family of women-folk ...

We are women who depend daily on our Lord & Savior to carry us in each moment and to direct every step that we take.
We are women who do not shy away from sacrifices or hard work.
We are women who know that for every crisis we go through, we are blessed ten-fold beyond by God and His faithfulness.
We are women who acknowledge that everything we are is because of God Almighty.
We are women who put God first in our lives.
We are women who are courageous to follow His path every day and to still be ready to meet our family needs.
We are women of strength because we know that our strength comes from God.
We are women who know our purpose here on Earth is much more than getting through each day.
We are women of faith in God.
We are women who walk through the fire and know that He is walking along side of us with each and every step ...
and when the fire gets too hot for us to move forward --- we know that He carries us through it.

As I approach this Mother's Day weekend, I'm reminded that in the middle of family ... schedules ... work ... hectic ... unknown ... waiting ...
God simply

And our future women-folk ...

will follow in our very footsteps
and they will learn from us who have gone before them
and we pray they will depend on God Almighty for their own strength & direction
just as the generations of women-folk who came before them.



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Theresa said...

Beautiful post! Except for God... Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!