Saturday, November 8, 2014

At The End of a Long Week

At the end of a long week ...
we recognize The One who brought us through it
we praise Him for His goodness & His power
we know Who holds us in the palm of His hand
At the end of a long week ...
I am more aware of His amazing grace
I am more aware of the little things in life
I am more aware of blessings I have every moment of every day
At the end of a long week ...
he is drained from the events of the week
I am drained from the events of the week
we reflect on the events of the past week
At the end of a long week ...
my Mother had laser surgery on her "good" eye on Monday
my Daddy ended up in the emergency room early Tuesday morning {extreme vertigo}
I had a root canal on Wednesday
our cat Penelope had a routine vet check-up on Thursday
{while I rush-painted before picking her up}
Thursday ...
1:30pm the vet called & Penelope was doing great after her dental procedure
{I was planning on getting her at 4:30 after I painted}
3pm the vet called -- Penelope had died
... a mystery to the vet's office
... no reason as to "why"
... everyone is simply shocked
Friday they called and said they found Penelope's heart was enlarged 2 1/2 times the normal size.
Everyone still stunned ... first time this has happened at the vet ... everyone cries.
Saturday {this morning} Dan & I go to vet to get Penelope. Everyone still cries at the vet's office ... they simply loved Penelope ...
they give us hugs & endless "I'm sorry". 
We do love our vet's office.
So we come home and lay Penelope to rest close to her predecessors ... Midnight & Smokey were litter-mates ... Midnight lived close to 8 years and Smokey 13 years.  Penelope was our daughter's saving-grace after Smokey -- 'Joe was in his last few months of his first deployment & it was before their first wedding anniversary.
Penelope was a special cat ...
she was Lucy & Tag's first pet ... she was playful ... she was protective
and Granny & Grandad miss Penelope just as our daughter and grands miss Penelope. 
But, we believe that God takes care of His animals ...
and we know Penelope is in good Hands.
At the end of a long week ...
we thank Him for every breath
we praise Him for His goodness
we rest in Him
God is always good

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Theresa said...

It makes me sad that you lost your precious Penelope:( Sending HUGS and PRAYERS across the miles!