Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day 2014

Today is the day we aside to honor our veterans -- past & present -- who have sacrificed for our country.  A few of my uncles have served our wonderful country in the military.

My Uncle Don served in the Navy along with his brothers in WWII ...
some of the most honorable men who served God first in everything they did. 
Men of God ... men of honor ... men of all men.  
When we were growing up, Uncle Don sure didn't want to talk about his time in the War because he did not want "upset" any of us kids.  Simply stated -- he didn't want to scare of us young children with any talk of war. 
A true man of valor.

And our son-in-law ... who gave his blood serving and protecting.
Two tours of duty overseas ... two years in between training troops ... serving for his military career.
And then the explosion that was intended by the enemy to end his life ...


On this Veteran's Day 2014 ...
we honor and remember those who have served our great country.
"Thank you" just does not seem enough for the price our freedoms have cost.


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Theresa said...

Tears in our eyes and pride in our hearts! So thankful for the safe return of your son-in-law! God is Good all the time! Please thank him for his service from me! HUGS!