Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Family Weekend ... Need More Often

Last weekend Dan & I took Lucy on a little quick family trip.  Most of our family had not met Lucy in person and had only seen pictures & read stories on Facebook, emails & phone conversations.  So, our adventure began -- left our house bright & early on Saturday morning and was back to our house by Monday evening -- 
3 states & lots of driving time.

We would have loved to have seen more of the family, but on these whirlwind trips we are grateful for those whom we can visit (even if it's just meeting at a local restaurant for a couple of hours).  We had lunch with several from my side of the family & missed seeing others who could not make it (but we'll definitely have to carve out more time to spend on the next trip!)

While everyone else was being healthy with salads and soups or sandwiches, this is what Lucy and I split
 (and Grandad *had* to finish it for us) ...
yes, it's one delicious stack of double chocolate chip pancakes topped off with whipped cream (and we did have a side order of scrambled eggs -- some of the best we've ever had I might add).
Ahhhhhhhhh ... the benefits of being "Granny" and sharing meals with my little ones!

Then on Sunday, we visited with Dan's parents and his Mommaw --- 
yes, Lucy & Tag are very blessed to have their great-great Mommaw ... 
and they are her only 2 great-greats!


This is a little porcelain poodle that great-great Mommaw gave to Lucy that actually belonged to 
Lucy's great-great-great Mommaw!  
How awesome is that!!!

Even though we missed seeing people from both sides of our families, we had a wonderful trip! 
Lucy was THE best traveling companion ever ... 
and I think we may need to do more of these "grand" trips in the future!

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