Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Hand-full of Princess

I still don't know how it happened ... 
Lucy turned 5 on September 23rd.
Oh my ... where has the time gone???

 So (to begin our celebration of Lucy),  she & I went over to see GG & Grandpa 
before we left for Disney in early September.
As you can see, Lucy absolutely LOVES her great-grandparents --
and they absolutely ADORE her!!!

Then came our Disney trip where we celebrated Lucy (and Tag) some more...
(I'll post later why we love Disney so much!)

Then on September 23rd at home ...

And then, today ...
We pulled off her surprise birthday party with a few of her friends! Grandad & I took her to the mall and then to his office for a little while. That gave everybody a chance to get the party set up and for guests to arrive.
It was a success!!!

From the diversion of "window shopping" Christmas ornaments at Garden Ridge --

then on to Grandad's office for a little while.  And then ...

Still hard to believe she's 5 years old ...
or as Lucy says, she's
"a whole hand-full".

God certainly went above and beyond when He blessed us with our grands!

{I can't help but include a pic of the little man ... he's quite the hand-full himself!}

Happy Birthday, Princess Lucy!!!
Granny & Grandad are over-the-moon with you ~~
We love you!

PS -- Have I ever mentioned about the importance of relationships?  
These are 2 of my reasons!

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