Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Three R's ... 33 Years in the Making

This week is the big week for me. It's been 33 years in the making... 
it's the week that I pass my silent milestone...  
it's the week of my 3 R's.

Today, August 18th I begin this week by considering the first "r" ... 


Today marked my dear Aunt's 81st birthday ... and also the day that we said our final earthly good-byes to her 48 years after her birth. You can CLICK HERE to read more about the significance of August 18th for my family. 
My birthday comes 6 days after my Aunt's birthday. And last year I turned 48 ... 
just like she did the day we said good-bye to her in 1980.

And just like I've done every August 18th since 1980 ... 
today I remember my Aunt --

her laughter
her smile
her common sense
her care
her beauty
her love

My Aunts & Uncles have been as much of a part of my value system as my parents & Granny have. I still keep up with them and my cousins & their kids although we live several hours apart. And although I miss each of those who have since gone Home to be with our Savior, 
I miss my Aunt Jacqueline "Hilda"
She was suddenly called Home on August 15 when a drunk semi-truck driver crossed the yellow line. Although her void in our family could never be replaced, she has always been remembered in our hearts for the past 33 years. 

When Dan & I were expecting our baby in 1986, we had no idea if "it" was a girl or boy. We had names chosen for both since I could not have an ultrasound (back then insurance would not pay unless it was a medical necessity -- which thankfully we were not in that situation).  So, we kept the name quiet. Oh we had another name picked out that we mentioned, but then we kept it quiet ... 

until the night our baby girl was born ...
almost 6 years after her Great-Aunt's car wreck ...
"Jacqueline" was born into our family
and my Aunt's legacy continues with her namesake.

So today, August 18th ...

I remember my Aunt Jacqueline "Hilda" and all that she meant 
to me & our family. 

And I begin my week-long process of coming through my silent milestone of 48.

I've used this picture before, but this is how I remember my Aunt Hilda -- 
she's standing up behind my Granny laughing ... 
and how I've missed her laughs over these past 33 years.

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