Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Three R's ... #3 "R" -- Coming Out of the Milestone

Today was "the day" ... 

We've joked in my house this week that Granny only has one more year as a 40-something, then will be ready to knock over another decade.  Last year I reached my milestone of "48" and today I said hello to "49".
(You can read my 2 previous posts about how personal it has been for me to reach 48) 

 So now to close out this milestone year, I've looked deep into the mirror at the person staring back at me
 for my third "r" ...


 Here's just a few things I've learned about myself over the past year --

  • God in all of His omniscience and glory designed me as me ... nobody else can fulfill His plans & purpose for me.  And just as He designed me, He accepts me. 
  • The greatest joy I have is when I think of others before me.  I am truly at my worst when I feel selfish & self-centered.  That's not to mean that I need to do everything for others, but I know what God expects of me ... and I need to obey His call on my life.
  • Although I value what others think of me (going back to my previous post), only God defines me. The saying "what others think about me is none of my business" is a truthful statement.  That's between them and God ... not me.  [Unless I've hurt or offended anyone (which I hope I haven't).  But if I have, I pray they will come to me so we can get it straightened out.]
  • Being "positive" doesn't mean I'm a naive person ... it just means that I choose to accept that God has life under control. I may not understand, and I may not fully grasp the "whys", but I can hang on to my Father's promise that He knows His plans for me & it's all for my good.
  • When I feel overwhelmed, the safest place for me to be is on my knees.  I admit I have some anxiety over situations that are beyond my control ... but when I take deep breathes of God's peace and reassurance, I can give it all to Him to work things out for His glory and my good.
  • If I dwell on the past so much, then I miss the present.  My husband has told me that I'm really "not much good with too much time on (my) hands" ... and he is correct.  So, I prefer to learn from the past but live for today. There's times when I backslide on this, but I endeavor to keep my eyes set on the present.
  • I am blessed.  I am so blessed.  I am so very blessed.  Thank You, God, for Your blessings in my life.  I know that I take them for granted ... but thank You for allowing me to be blessed. 

And as I wrote this last post in my 3 part series, it occurred to me that I simply do not have another "number" that I consider "milestone-worthy".  I truly have never thought about any other number being monumental since I turned 16 in 1980.  And now, 33 years later, I'm breaking out of my one & only true milestone.  It's never bothered me about "getting older".  I never hesitate with answering when asked my age.  I've always been thankful for every birthday no matter what the "number".  

However, today, August 24, 2013 was a monumental day for me.

My husband started my day off with a little breakfast for the 2 of us, then we were home for some play time with Lucy & Tag.  Afterwards, the 6 of us had a special birthday lunch at Carrabba's (and leftovers for dinner!) ... 'Joe had to take Tag on a little drive after lunch, so ...
Lucy, her Mommy, Grandad & Granny all went to a new bakery across town personally owned & operated by 'Joe's aunt & uncle.  Then back home for some more family time (and I even got some Lucy-time all of my own ... oh how I love this little girl!)
And I got my birthday phone call from my parents this morning during breakfast.
(I don't know if they will ever know how thankful I am for both of them. I truly love my parents & all that they mean to our family.)

And so going forward ... 
with no "milestones" on my horizon ...

I continue to praise God for His unending grace & mercies
I continue to thank Him for His boundless blessings
I will continue to be where He needs me most

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