Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Valentine 2012

Easter Sunday 2011 is a day that we will never forget in our household ... it's the day our grandbaby became God's littlest angel.  You can click here for details on our daughter's (Mrs. G I Joe) miscarriage.  We may never understand "why" this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, but we do know that God's plan is always perfect.  And our little grandbaby is in the arms of our Heavenly Father.  We have a special guardian angel watching over us.

As God would have it ... Mrs. Joe is expecting again ...  Yes, Granddad & I are excited!!!  Lucy is excited about being a "big sister" ... and the Joe's are excited to be completing their family.  

There are prayer requests that come along with this exciting news and I want to share a couple of them with my blogging friends:

Prayer for Mommy & Baby to stay healthy during these next 7 months -- still at a critical period since her miscarriage was not too long ago.

Prayer for Lucy as she transitions from an only child to being a big sister.  Lucy will be 3 years old in a couple of months, and is anxious for this little one to "just be here now" :)

So far Little Valentine has a healthy heartbeat & all looks good, so our prayer is that everything will stay healthy.  

God is good all the time ... 
even when we don't understand why life happens the way it does ... 
God is good.  

Thank you, friends, for your prayers.


Tina said...

I will be praying for sure! Please (which I'm sure you will) keep us posted on to her progress!
Congratulations to all of you!!! Oh happy day!

Granny said...

Thank you Tina! I will definitely keep everyone posted. We are all excited :)

Kathy said...

I'm stopping by from Boost My Blog Friday.
So excited to hear your Valentine's Day news! We're also expecting a grandbaby (#3) around New Years. Best wishes and prayers for all of you.

shirley slee said...

So inspiring, your Love for our savior, Thank you!

I'm Sheila Atchley. said...


Oh, no way! Nowaynoway! What a precious answer to prayer. I will *certainly* be praying for this little blessing to be safely delivered to Mr. and Mrs. Joe's and yours and Grandad's arms.

Granny said...

There's just something special about grandchildren ... God is good and abundant in His blessings.